Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Grammar Lesson

April 20, 2015

 What's up?

Boy? It's Monday again. I does finish just now. I reach one time! It's just crazy, man.

Sorry if you didn't understand. I'll explain a little bit more in a bit.


First of all, Ronald is doing great still. He came to church again and in Elder's Quorum he leaned over to me and asked, "Don't they know what they're going to teach beforehand? Do they prepare for this?" So he recognizes the importance of preparing lessons for church, so he'll be a great EQ President someday. But he did bring up a good point. Lessons in church aren't very good when they haven't been planned...

We fasted with Ronald over the weekend and now we have a FHE with him at the branch president's house tonight. He's doing great! He's still praying about when he will be ready for baptism. We're hoping for May 9th, but we're not pushing him too much.


We haven't seen Abdul since the last time. He's pretty much dropped himself. Samantha is still doing well, but it's hard for her to come to church right now because her mom is on vacation in Haiti so she has to help with the children while the father is at church. Her relationship with her father isn't too great either, so it's hard for her to ask him for anything. Hopefully things will start going better.

The James family told us again that they were going to come to church yesterday. And they didn't come... again! Our lessons with them are awesome still. We had a great FHE last week and had a lot of fun. But... they're turning a little bit flaky. But we're not giving up hope!

This last week we had a ton of new investigators! We did a lot of finding, which is not the most fun part of missionary work. But nothing happens in missionary work until you have people to teach! We have some cool new people, and hopefully they commit.


So, here in St. Martin, the people have some interesting ways of saying things. Here are a few examples of things that I've noticed. These are just a small portion:

Tree-Tirty: means "three-thirty." Many people in the Caribbean don't use much of a "th" sound before an r. (i.e. The tree of us are going true town to the trift store to buy some more tread for the sewing machine.)

One time: means immediately or right away. (i.e. I'll be to church one time. or, She showed up here and started mashing things up one time.)

Just now: means anytime in the near or distant future. i.e. I'll be finishing this email just now. or, The Secong Coming is just now.

Not as yet: means "not yet"

Reach: means get there or show up. i.e. I'm on my way home. I be reaching in about 5 minutes.

She/he: they don't like saying her or him. i.e. Look at she face! She look mashed up!

Boy?: an interjection used to express frustration, often used in response to a question (especially rhetorical questions), but may be used on its own. i.e. Boy? or Hey, are you going to finish that sandwich?... Boy? or, Sorry, I forgot to fill up your car, but here are your keys... Boy?

That's about it for now. I'll look for more, and I'll get back to you next week. Hopefully this little guide will help you better understand the way I speak for when I get home.

I love you all! Have a great week! I'll talk to you just now!

Elder Dayton

Elder Broadbent
The St. Maarten Zone

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