Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Fools

April 6, 2015

Hello hello helloooo!

What a great Conference weekend, right?!! Ah man, I love the prophets, apostles, and everyone else, especially my mom!! During the last song of the first session, I was telling people that my mom was in the Choir, and passing around photos, and Sister Thompson was like, "The camera men are idiots." Then mom popped up! A nice, long close-up of my momma! :)

Kyle S. McKay is a 70 now!! I totally knew it was coming! I mouthed it with President Uchtdorf after he said "McArthur... Kyle S. McKay." He's in my ward!!

I got my ear pierced by a wasp yesterday morning as I was picking up my laundry outside, and I shook out some of my clothes, and a wasp flew out and got me right on the ear lobe!! I ran inside yelling, and the wasp followed me! Then Elder Broadbent sprayed it with some Lysol and I fried it with the electric tennis racket. That little sucker messed with the wrong laundry.

A new temple is going to be built in Haiti!! That was one of my favorite news(es?) of the Conference!! I'm pumped for that! I'll go there someday, I hope. Now basically all the members in the French West Indies will be going to that temple now. We had three investigators come to Conference, and 2 of them were Haitians! Let's all celebrate by eating some banan peze!!!


He came to the Sunday sessions and loved it! And we taught him tithing with the Branch President and First Counselor between sessions, and he agreed to follow it! We're going to see him three times this week, and then he's getting baptized on Saturday!! I'm super pumped!!! :) He's going to be such a strong member.


An awesome 18 year-old whose family comes from Haiti. She speaks French and English and Creole, runs track, is first in her class in Math, and is super awesome. Last week she accepted a baptismal date for April 25th while she continues to pray to receive an answer if this Church is true. And she reads everything we give her to read! She downloaded the Gospel Library on her phone and we didn't even tell her it existed! She came to the end of the first session on Saturday, and the beginning of the second session, but then had to leave. She even took notes during the sessions!! The potential problem that we might run into though is that her father drives a church bus and is an assistant pastor in their Haitian church... But at least he is already used to holding a calling and speaking in church!


We didn't get to see him last week. He works too much. But were finding more success up around where he lives, so maybe we taught him so that we'd be led to finding others. I believe so.

Gotta go! I love you all! Send me your shirt and shoe sizes, just in case I find something cool at a shop here!

Elder Dayton

P.S. You'll never guess what I did for p-day today!! I played golf! We went to the driving range with all the missionaries and it was so sick! We hit the balls into the water. I hit the farthest... not to brag or anything.

P.P.S. I got Elder Broadbent with some good April Fools pranks. I put kool-aid powder on his towel, so when he dried off, red splotches popped up everywhere, and he had no idea why!  

Then I put some soy sauce in his beddytime tea, so when he drank it he said, "wow, this tea is strong!!"

And I put cayenne pepper and salt on what he thought to be cinnamon toast. :) Good thing we get along! I love that guy!

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