Monday, March 23, 2015

Mullet Bay

March 9, 2015


This morning was great! We played volleyball at Mullet Bay this morning, and it was the most beautiful beach I've been on in my entire mission. It might actually be the most beautiful beach I've ever been on, period! After, we ate some French pastries and some fruit smoothies. A pretty good activity for a p-day, I'd say.

The language change is still hard, but I'm getting better. I'm starting to find it easier to communicate with people on the phone, but I'm still awkward in person. Especially if it's an American! I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of the English language...

This last week was... good. Not great, but good. We're still finding people and having a blast, but we didn't quite break ground on any new investigators this past week. We still don't know a lot of the members, so we're not yet good at working with them. But we're figuring it out!

The James family is still on track though! We had an awesome lesson with just Monica and Robert last week. They are both committed and want to have this change in their lives. Monica told us that she was actually baptized into our church in Santo Domingo when she was young! We were like, you have to be kidding!! (We haven't yet received her membership record yet, but we've requested it.) We don't know if she'll get re-baptized or not. Then Robert told us a crazy story about how he was on the job one time and he watched a man die in his arms as he tried to comfort him. He said that he wanted to tell him that there was something good in the life after this, but he just didn't know for sure. So he was stuck. He couldn't comfort the man. So he has a lot of questions about the afterlife, and we're really excited to answer them. THIS FAMILY IS SO PREPARED!!

Sadly, the James family didn't come to church on Sunday. Robert was on duty, so he couldn't come, but the rest of the family said that they would. We checked on Saturday to confirm, and then passed by on Sunday morning to make sure they were getting ready, but they weren't even awake! We knocked and knocked, and yelled into the upstairs windows, and finally got Alexa's attention. She came downstairs and said that her mom wouldn't wake up. But we made her wake up the older two kids and start getting ready, then we took off to church.

Then at church, we waited, and waited... We kept calling them, but they never ended up coming! After church we talked to Sarial, the son, and he said that his mom was tired and didn't want to get up. We talked to Monica, and she said that her daughters didn't have the right shoes, so they didn't come... I think the real reason was that they were tired, but we're going to make sure that they come this Sunday!! We have an FHE set up for tonight with an awesome member that lives in the neighborhood! :) Hopefully everything goes according to plan!

We helped a member move a fridge last week. His name is Brother Reid. He's from Jamaica. He's our Branch Mission Leader and First Counselor in the Branch Presidency.

Elder Broadbent is from Ontario, Cali. He's been out a year and a few months. He's an awesome missionary! He's so focused on the work! He's honestly the perfect companion for me right now.

Elder Dayton

P.S. I got my release date. It's for May 21st, the same day that I got set apart!! Is there any way that I could get released at the exact same time that I got set apart? That would be cool.

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