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I'm in St. Martin!!

March 2, 2105


So much change, so fast! I still can't believe I'm here! I just got back from Costco (actually called Cost U Less, but it's the same thing basically.) All my Euros have turned into American dollars! I can't remember if a quarter is worth 20 cents or 10 cents. You guys have a lot of questions you just asked me, and I'll do my best to answer them.

I flew up to Martinique first. Then up to Guadeloupe, and then on to St. Martin. No long layovers, just short stops of about an hour. So in one day, I went to all major areas that I have served in during my mission. It was really cool and brought back a lot of memories! I love my mission so much. It's been perfect so far.

Elder Dayton saying goodbye to Elder Belnap at the airport.


He's back in French Guiana still with Elder Smith now. They're probably kicking butt. I hope our investigators are still on track to baptized this Saturday. I don't really know. I miss that place a lot!


He's a sick wizard from Cali! I love him a lot! We're blanking our area, so neither of us have any idea what's going on. I like him a lot though. He's keeping me from getting too trunky and too fat. He's on a diet right now. He's lost 70 lbs on his mission!

We live in an area called Belvedere (map it) on the Dutch side, but we work everything from Belvedere up North, which is all French side. There is no customs or anything to differentiate the two sides, just a small sign that say's "Welcome to the French Side." Most of the people on the French side speak English, and everybody on the Dutch side speaks English. You can hardly call it Dutch side, it's basically Las Vegas in the Caribbean.

Elder Fraley, one of the St. Maarten Zone Leaders

There is one branch, and all meetings are in English. There are 4 French elders, 
two Dutch Elders, and two Dutch sisters, and our senior couple, the Thompsons! It's a blast here! The missionaries are so fun! Elder Fraley, my fourth companion, is my Zone Leader with Elder Glover.

We've been working 90% of our time in Belvedere, so we've been speaking all English. We have just been walking around talking to everyone. The missionaries are new here, so people still don't really know us. We meet people from Sint Eustatius, St. Kitts, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and pretty much all over the Caribbean. Most of the kids are born in St. Martin, but most of the parents are from other islands.

The apartment in Belvedere.


They're our miracle! We found Monica just while walking around and we taught her and her friend. She's from the DR and is way cool. James is from here and we contacted into him at his house. It turns out they live together! And they're getting married this month!!! Monica has 4 kids, 3 of which are old enough to be baptized (Sarial, Shantal, and Alexa). And the kicker is, they live three houses down the street!! 

We had taught Monica and the kids 2 times, and Monica was on board for baptism, but after marriage of course. So we were nervous to talk to James because we hadn't yet officially taught him. He's a police officer, so we weren't sure what to expect. But last night Elder Broadbent and Elder Glover went and taught James and set a baptismal date for April 4th!! They said he's even more serious than Monica about it!! It's an amazing miracle from only our 4th day in our area. We're so blessed. We'll have to address some of the health commandments soon, but they'll be good!

We're constantly finding new people to teach! We're having a blast! Our area is blowing up!!

Elder Dayton

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