Monday, March 23, 2015

Hard to Say Goodbye

February 23, 2015

Can a cheese sandwich? No, but a tuna can. :)

Hi! I'm alive another week. I hit my 21-month mark the other day. Pretty weird!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to see John enough during the week to get him ready for baptism on Saturday. He's a really busy mechanic. 

Elder Dayton with John, the mechanic. 

We had an awesome week, and Jerome, Maria, and John are still doing great!! They all have baptismal dates for the 7th of March, and they are all pretty set on it! Jerome and Maria were both at church yesterday, and Jerome was answering questions about the Plan of Salvation in Elder's Quorum. He's sweet. He's 28 years-old and he's kind of like a bus driver for handicapped children. I'm really excited for him to become a member of the church.

Maria told us last week that she loves the Book of Mormon. We went over for a lesson, and when we got there her daughter said that she had gone out for a walk because we were late. So we went down the street to find her to set up a new appointment. When she saw us, she walked back to us with a smile on her face and said it was fine, and we went to her house and had a sweet lesson! She said that she doesn't know what it is, but she feels good when she reads it. She said she feels like it's changing her. She doesn't know how or why, but she knows that it's happening. She had a great day at church and the Relief Society is in love with her. They asked her if she had a baptismal date, and she proudly said that she's getting baptized on the 7th of March. :) She got invited over to a big FHE tonight, so we're going to that.

Elder Dayton with Maria

I got that dreaded transfer call on Friday night. I'm leaving French Guiana! It was not what I expected at all! I'm no longer going to be a zone leader or district leader. I'm going to St. Maarten to be with Elder Broadbent. We're going to an area that's only been open for 12 weeks, and we're white washing it! We'll both be arriving there at the same time with no idea where we are, who our investigators are, or who the members are. Luckily, my former companion will be one of my zone leaders there - Elder Fraley. He'll help me find my way around! :)

Overall, I'm pretty dang excited!!! I get to make the full tour of all the French Islands! That's a pretty rare feat for missionaries. I'm going to miss French Guiana a ton. I hope that someday I'll be able to come back here and visit. Elder Belnap was a great companion too. I learned so much from him that I'll be able to take with me through the rest of my life.

No more church in French for the rest of my mission. I gave my last talk in French that I'll maybe ever give yesterday. (There are both Dutch and French speakers in St. Maarten, but everybody speaks English too, so that's what they speak in the Branch there.)

See you on the other side!

Elder Dayton

Branch members in French Guiana

 RĂ©mire-Montjoly Town Hall

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