Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sick Week

January 12, 2015


I know. This is the end of my streak. I've been sick... So, last week after getting back from Suriname on Tuesday we hadn't gotten anything done in terms of P-day stuff, so the next day we woke up and I felt exhausted and had a really bad headache, so we played some soccer in a rain shower. Then I still was feeling terrible for some reason, so I fell asleep at the other elders' apartment for about 2 hours. Then that night, we went out and taught, and my headache never went away, and I could barely stay sitting up because I was so tired. So we called a mission nurse and she told me to stay inside the next day to see what was wrong.

So the next morning we had to pay some bills, so Elder Belnap dropped me off at other missionaries' house and one of them babysat me, so I slept for about another two hours. Then when Elder Belnap came back I got out of bed and we found a thermometer and I had a fever of 103, so we thought that was bad. So then we called the nurse back and she confirmed that I had CHIKUNGUNYA!! Some darn mosquito in Suriname must have stung me... One of the missionaries we stayed with had it.

So From Thursday until Saturday I didn't wear my tie, my nametag, or shoes because I didn't work at all. 

If you're wondering what it's like to have chikungunya, the symptoms are pain in the joints and back, headache, high fever, fatigue, and some other stuff. It affects everyone differently. My worst symptoms were that I had a backache, a fever, a headache, and no appetite. I mostly just slept during the day, and sweat at night. I wet the bed several times (with sweat, not with pee).

I expected to get a lot of reading and writing in my journal done, but it was too hard. I mostly just sat around with my eyes closed.

And then Sunday I felt well enough to go to church. And I've been on my feet ever since! :)

 So there's not too much to report from this week. Sadly, the baptismal dates that we had for the 10th fell through, and Jose, has become discouraged and is deciding to go work to earn money on Sundays. But we do have one AWESOME new investigator named John!

Elder Dayton with John

John is Liberian, so he speaks English, but he left when he was about 16, so his English is pretty bad. He says things like "churks" and "franks" and "my ghetto" instead of church and French and "my home" (I literally believe he thinks ghetto means house). He lived in Portugal for 17 years and moved to French Guiana around 10 years ago. So he's now in his late 30s and he's a mechanic. He's super awesome! He's really humble and loves learning about our beliefs. He is astounded during our lessons at the simplest things. It's so fun to see him learning and progressing. He knows that the BoM is true and has a baptismal date for the 31st of January, and we have a sweet lesson planned with him and our branch president tomorrow. We're just helping him understand that there only is, and only can be, one true church.
Elder Belnap in front of John's house

I love you all! Watch out for mosquitoes!

Elder Dayton

P.S. I'm staying with Elder Belnap a third transfer!! We're both happy about it!! :)

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