Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heart Attack Week!

February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! <3 

I love Valentine's Day. Especially this year. We will be having a baptism on Saturday if everything goes according to plan!


He is okay with the Law of Chastity (he dumped his girlfriend(s) before we even told him to), the Word of Wisdom (he's going to stop drinking coffee this week), and the Law of Tithing (he already knew and is willing to pay.) The only problem we ran into is... he really wants to keep paying tithing to his old church too. It's a Brazilian church that he's been in for 11 years, and he really had his life changed by it. He used to drink a lot and was not in very good shape, but they really helped him out. He also doesn't want to leave the church, and wants to keep going on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I guess he just can't get enough church... :/ The problem is still new, because he told us all of this last night, and we about had a heart attack. We're figuring out how to address it further for our lesson with him tonight (it has to be fast because his other church starts at 7:30).

But we have faith in the Lord that everything will be okay. We're going to see him every day this week with members, and he'll understand better that this is the One. He'll be baptized this Saturday. :)


We just got a text from our member that is working with Ana, and she said that she no longer wants to continue. It's really too bad. We feel like it's still not the end though. It's just another preoccupation that every investigator has.


They're awesome! Maria ran into some anti-Mormon stuff last week and was very skeptical. But after further research, she found some positive news reports on the Church, and she loved them! She came to church yesterday with her mom, Mercedes (doesn't speak a lick of French), and she loved it! She was dressed like a member, she engaged herself like a member, and she smiled like a member. It was great! :) We're going over to see them again tomorrow. The husband, Valdir, couldn't come to church on Sunday, but we'll get him there this week if he doesn't go back out into the Amazon on a 45 minute helicopter ride to mine gold.

The DR Family hasn't shown too many signs of progress. We'll keep stopping by to see if we can help them.

Andrew is doing well! He has a baptismal date for the 28th. He's still a fairly new investigator, and he was out of town over the weekend, which I think might be a recurring problem in the future... We'll talk to him about the Sabbath Day soon.


We caught an iguana! (Well, Elder Moux caught it.) He pulled it right out of the bush!
Yeah... I've been wearing these bad boys around for the last little while to help my feet stay breathing so I can finally get rid of my athlete's foot. The medicine is helping.

Elder Belnap and I are in the process of buying 2 new cars for the zone. We have to sell the two that we have now. So we're looking at some Toyotas and some VWs. Cars are expensive in Europe! A Toyota RAV-4 costs about the same price here as a Ford Raptor would in the USA. I'll take a Raptor, please.

In the car.

A ramboutan.

I love you all! This Valentine's Day is for my family. :)

Xoxoxo <3
Elder Dayton

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