Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hallo vrienden!‏

January 6, 2015

I'm back from Suriname!

Last week was New Year's? I feel like that was forever ago. We didn't really do anything special, except for eat some BANANE PESE!! But that wasn't as beneficial to my body the morning after... We also split a king's cake, but Elder Belnap won, so he's the king. I'm never the king! :/

We had a sweet zone conference. We were in Suriname from Saturday until Tuesday. To get there we had to drive about 3 hours to the border, then take a 10-minute boat ride across the river, then take taxis another 2 hours into Paramaribo, Suriname. It was some of the funnest times I've had on my mission. (See pictures.) Everything at church was in Dutch, so I couldn't understand anything, but surprisingly a lot of the people there spoke English.

We talked about training members to fellowship recent converts, and teaching skills, like teaching doctrine, and not just the principles of the Gospel. If we teach true doctrine, our investigators and members will not only understand what, but they will understand the "whys" of the Gospel. And it's a lot harder than it sounds to be good at...

We watched Meet the Mormons!! It was sweet! I thought it was very well done.

Anyway, things are going great here! How are things on that side of the river??

Elder Dayton

That's our canoe coming to pick us up.

Us loading up our suitcases onto the canoe.

Elder Belnap and I cruising

Elder Smith decided to put on a lifejacket just in case.

Me and Sancho, our captain, on the Suriname side.

A view from the famous big bridge in Suriname, of which I do not know the name.

The people in Suriname drive on the wrong side of the road. It's confusing. I almost got hit a few times because I was looking for cars in the wrong direction when crossing the street.

A cool baby chilling with her dad on their Suriname moped.

Us getting on a super groovy bus to go to Zone Conference.

Us after Zone Conference, after getting our delicious American food.

We got all the stuff you can't buy in France: pancake mix, pop-tarts, Doritos, REAL cereal, taco seasoning, maple syrup, mac and cheese, and other good stuff.

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