Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 2015

February 3, 2015

Hello again!

This last week was good. I got in a fight with a drunk guy from Columbia.

No, not really. I just cut myself shaving on my upper cheek close to my eye. I look pretty hard-core though. I wish I would have known earlier how easy it is to look tougher.

I'm gonna be short and to the point this week. My fingers are getting weak.


She unfortunately got sick over the weekend. Something about blood pressure getting really high and then getting really low, and then something about girl problems... I don't really know, because a member told me. But that's good news because it means that our members are watching out for her!

We tried to set a baptismal date with her for the 21st of February last week, but she wasn't really sure, and the member wasn't really on board either, so we have the feeling that it kind of scared her. We're going to see her again this week with a member and have a really good lesson to redeem ourselves.


He came to church again! He's sweet! He loves church and thinks it's really nice because everyone is so friendly. But he was asking us questions like, "Even if I don't get baptized, can I still come to church?" So we taught him more about authority and the gift of the Holy Ghost, so now he's understanding better the importance of baptism in the True Church of Jesus Christ.


This last week we found a couple of cool new families. One of them is from the Dominican Republic and they have 9 kids! They're cool, but they kind of flaked out and didn't come to church on Sunday.

Another family is a mother and father, the 19 year-old daughter, and the grandma named Mercedes. They're from Brazil and they're really nice. But we think that the mom and daughter might have stumbled across some anti material, so we're trying to get another appointment to clear the air.

Andrew is a cool new English Guyanese investigator that we taught last night. We found him one day while walking around and we heard a man yell, "Taliban!!" So we looked over and saw a guy painting a house. We talked to him and he told us that he had already talked with missionaries before. He seemed nice, but he seemed like a jokester. And we weren't very hopeful when he told us that he was never in town on the weekends, so he would never be able to come to church. So we went into the first lesson with the goal to quickly establish our purpose, and we had a really good experience of boldly testifying. We said to him, "We are here to help others come unto Christ through baptism. We're looking for serious people. We don't want to waste time. Are you willing to follow Jesus Christ by being baptized?" We got a really good response and had a great lesson on the importance of the Book of Mormon, baptism in the Restored Church, and our purpose as missionaries. He told us about his fiancée that he is planning on marrying soon. At the end of the lesson he was like, I really want you to meet and talk to her. I think that we might join this church. So that was awesome!

I love you all! 

Elder Dayton

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