Sunday, February 22, 2015

4 Months Left?

January 19, 2015

Hola familia!! 

You know how when you're on vacation (a cruise, for example) and you get to a certain point during the trip where you realize that it's almost over? And you know how sad that feels thinking about having to go home? Yeah, that's how I have felt this past week. I only have 4 months left, and all my friends are getting home from their missions. Tim is getting home this week, Nate Coleman just got home, and Dally Hales is getting home in just a few weeks. So my mind has sort of just been in a panic thinking about all the things I haven't done yet that I still need to do. I have no idea where I'll be for the rest of my mission, but for right now I'm in French Guiana and I'm loving it!

And no mom, I haven't been sick very much during my mission at all. I also haven't told you everything that has happened to me either... But I'm fine. I just have a little case of the "BOO!" right now (thanks Elder Davis Owen) and a slight case of athlete's foot. Look at that! Now you're up-to-date! You don't need to worry about anything else that's going on with your son!


This past week was a pretty good one for us. One of the highlights of the week is that we have started teaching and seeing real potential in the mother of two of our recent converts. The mother, Colette, has not been there very much for her children Jenny and Jefferson, ages 12 and 14. But recently she has decided to make some changes in her life and has been sitting in in our discussions with the children. It all spurred from us inviting her to sit in on the prayers we say with her children in the lessons, and little by little she has been showing interest. Sadly, we did not have her at church this week, nor any of our other investigators. But we are going to work harder to get them there next Sunday.


John, our Liberian investigator, is still awesome! His English still cracks me up and he's so fun to teach. We went and taught him with our Branch President last week and now our Branch President loves him too! He keeps saying things like, "I think that John could be a leader in the branch someday." John does live in a "ghetto," as he calls it, but that doesn't matter. Our Branch President says that people can judge him for it, but he's got a good heart and that's what matters. Sadly, he couldn't come to "chur" on Sunday because his boss called him and told him he had to work on Sunday because he had 3 cars that he had to finish repairing.

Anyways, that's all I've got time to share this week because I've gotta let the other missionaries get their emails done really quick so we can get back to our areas.

Elder Dayton

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