Sunday, December 28, 2014

Is it really December?

December 1, 2015

Where did November go?

Hmm... oh well. Another month gone means... I don't really know what it means, but it's December now. So you better get your sandals on because it's hot down here in the far-far South of France.


At the beginning of the month, Elder Belnap and I set the inspired goal for our zone to get 8 baptisms in November. And guess what? We did it! The Lord truly did bless our zone and miracles happened. The sisters pulled out a miracle and got us our last 2 baptisms we needed this last Saturday. They weren't even on date to get baptized until last Wednesday night. Plus, the District President was visiting our branch from Guadeloupe, so it was a good way to show off. It was the most baptisms for one zone that the French West Indies has had since... I don't even know if that's ever happened!


Elder Belnap and I were sort of perplexed this last week as a bunch of our golden investigators just sort of dropped themselves. We did a lot of searching and finding, and in the end we got some potential new investigators and a member referral.

Renato has turned into a sasquatch and now lives in the forest. His kids are still around though (as you can see in this photo of Johlbert making a funny face with Elder Belnap)! All the Brazilians live in a neighborhood named Arc-En-Ciel, which means "rainbow" in French. That's where we work a lot. It's the most happenin' place in all of French Guiana! I seriously feel like I'm in Brazil when I'm there.

Chikelson, our 17 year-old Haitian friend who lives in little Brazil (Arc-En-Ciel), was our only investigator to come to church! He's pretty sweet, but in the lessons he's sort of up in the clouds. He's an interesting one... But he'll make an awesome missionary one day! Plus he likes soccer, so he'll fit in with the branch here well. He's like a Usain Bolt-type character. He's just got the build of a gazelle. (He's about 6'-0" and 150 lbs. which ain't too bad if I do say so myself.) He's also a boxer. Maybe if he doesn't get baptized he can just be my personal trainer or bodyguard.


It's transfer week!!! I'm staying. And thankfully, Elder Belnap is staying too. The only one leaving from French Guiana is Elder Lever. He'll be missed down here. :(


Elder Lewis, who is still in Martinique, baptized Gerson Noel last week!!! That's my boys! :) Both of them.


Elder Dayton

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