Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'm Sunburned

December 15, 2014

Hello family,

I hope you're enjoying the snow because my neck is peeling and I'm turning into a Rudolph. This last week was fun.

First, saddish news. Frederic moved away back to Saint-Georges and we don't have his phone number or any other way to contact him. He told us that it might happen. We don't know when he'll come back or where he's going next. He's talked about moving back to France. It's too bad, but he has the Book of Mormon and he told us he would search for the missionaries wherever he ends up. I know he'll be okay. And who knows, maybe he'll come back next week! He's unpredictable.


Yesterday we sadly only had two investigators at church, but they're both really cool. We can only see them with members that speak Portuguese or Spanish because he's from Peru and she's from Brazil. They are very poor. They probably have the least expensive house out of any investigator that I have ever taught. It's basically just metal siding and planks of wood on the side of the road. But he has a scooter, so he's able to come to church. My two years of Spanish class has been able to come in handy a few times, pero, yo no comprendo mucho.

Jose loves the Book of Mormon! At church, he couldn't really understand what was going on because he doesn't speak French, so he was just flipping through the Book reading stories. He read the story of Alma and Amulek in the prison and how they walked out of it as it crumbled to the ground. He thought it was really cool. He says that Amulek is the coolest. It's pretty sweet. He spent a whole night doing research on the church after our first lesson. The next time we went he told us in detail exactly the process that Joseph Smith went through in order to obtain and translate the plates of gold, and he told us about how our church is organized just like the Primitive Church of Jesus Christ. He is loving it! And Val is super spiritual too. She doesn't say much in the lessons, but just closes her eyes and smiles as she soaks up the feelings of the Spirit.


This last week we had some new investigators. We have some cool ones. One is named Lucas, he's a 17 year-old Brazilian that loves soccer. He's a stud. Plus, he understands what we teach him so well. He's really cool and he is interested in the Book of Mormon. He couldn't come to church on Sunday because he was at a church manifestation for his girlfriend's religion.

Nicolas, a 21 year-old Brazilian. He's just really timid and kind, and a really humble baker. His mother passed away a month ago, and he's been looking for comfort. He loves to read and he believes in God, plus he has a scooter! He couldn't come to church on Sunday because he had some family things going on.


Good luck preparing for Christmas and getting your last bits of shopping done! I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences. If I'm lucky, I'll probably receive some Christmas cards in January or February! 

Have a great week! Remember, "Courage has few witnesses." - Thomas S. Monson. Be courageous! Take a stand. Be a hero. Make something right. 


Elder Dayton

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