Monday, November 17, 2014

All Flown Out

November 17, 2014

"Well my party people," I'm back!!

That's right, I'm back from Trinidad. From Monday to Friday we flew all over the West Indies, just to get to a conference in Trinidad. I think I hit a total of 8 islands during my trip. Then we flew back. We traveled for a total of 4 days, and we had our conference for a total of one day. (We missed day 1 because of a missed connecting flight and layover in Barbados.) My shoes and belt are getting worn out from taking them off and putting them back on so much. But I can say that I'm a pro now at going through airport security! :)

It was a great trip! I got to spend time with lots of my past companions, because they were all at the conference too. Elder Belnap and I have both served with Elder Galati and Elder Wade, so we had some good times with them in Guadeloupe on Thursday night.

Elders Dayton, Galati, Wade and Belnap in Guadeloupe


Real growth is defined as baptism, retention, and reactivation. We received much inspired instruction from President Mehr and Sister Mehr in Trinidad, as well as the assistants, Elder Telga from Martinique, and Elder Ferrin from Kaysville. Now Elder Belnap and I are going to transmit the message to our missionaries here in French Guiana.

We're going to be teaching missionaries how to correct and train members so that they can better fulfill their callings. We're going to be using Manual 2 of the Church to do it. Now all the missionaries have a copy in their apartment. We are also going to work on our teaching skills and sharpening our doctrinal statements.


Sadly, this last week we didn't have a ton of time to work in our area, but we did find some new investigators. Yvelson, a new 25 y.o. Haitian investigator that speaks English came to church yesterday. He's awesome. We found him on Saturday and invited him to church on Sunday and he came! He also integrated well with the convert that got baptized 2 weeks ago named Smith.

Our other investigators have kind of hit road blocks, and none of them came to church on Sunday. Renato, our Brazilian friend had to work all weekend. Romario is still being slow, but we see his little siblings often, so he's never going to be able to get rid of us! Meïlynda wasn't able to come again because she was sick.

On Sunday night we had a miracle! We went back to see a Brazilian woman we had contacted the week before, and we met her mother and sister, Darlene and Brenda, instead and taught them. They were great! They've both been in other churches and recently stopped attending all churches, and they don't know why. They don't understand why there are so many churches today. We gave them the Book of Mormon and promised them that they can find answers to all their questions through it. It was really cool. They were asking US the questions. After teaching a little bit about the Book of Mormon, Brenda turned to us one by one and asked "How has this book changed your life?" So each of us, including Mike Mastey, a future missionary here, got to take turns bearing testimony about the Book of Mormon. It was a great lesson and they committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon!

Love you,

Elder Dayton

Elder Belnap

Lunch. Nutritious?

Elder Christensen and Lewis

I got Gatorade, a doughnut, a cinnamon roll, a Nature Valley bar, and a Snickers almond in the airport with the money voucher they gave me for delaying us. Best thing I've bought in a long time! I could have gotten real food, but I couldn't resist... We don't have this stuff here in the French side!
We got Whoppers in the Guadeloupe airport. More American food!!

Group pic with all the French side ZLs and Sister Training Leaders! They're the coolest!

Elder Lever and Savage

Today is Elder Belnap's birthday, so we smashed this plate full of shaving cream in his face. He thought we were giving him some dessert, so we sang to him and then when we finished, Elder Savage smashed him!

We had another baptism on Saturday! Two more! Nelma and Esteffany got baptized by Elder Smith and Elder Sackley. They're stud missionaries. Their 3rd this month! Elder Belnap and I are going to get a few more in November I think...

We went out at night with 12 y.o. recent convert Ronald to visit another recent convert Jenny to have a combined lesson. He's a funny kid! :)

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