Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Wedding and New Branch Callings

October 13, 2014

Holy mackerel!

This last week was explosive!!! I have so much I have to tell you, but I don't even think you'll get 1 percent of the emotion of what I'm trying to convey to you.


Christina, who got baptized in April, just got married to Marclin last Tuesday! It was awesome! We had a wedding reception in the middle of the day, and most of the guests were the 12 missionaries of Martinique. They were so happy! They want to go to the temple! They are slowly figuring things out in their lives now, and things are really starting to look up. Marclin just bought a car too, so now they have no excuse to not come to church! We just need to figure out what is still stopping them.


Sister Anthony made a funny face when she saw me at the wedding. She was supper happy to see me!


This last week Frère Cerol (aka Freddy, my recent convert) got interviewed by President Mehr and was found worthy to be ordained an Elder. He, as well as two other Melchizedek Priesthood holders in the branch all got callings on Sunday! Now we've got some real firepower here in the branch in Martinique! It makes me so happy to see how much the branch has progressed! :) We now have an awesome RM as our Gospel Doctrine teacher, an awesome member from Canada as our Branch Executive Secretary... and, get this. FRERE CEROL GOT CALLED TO BE THE FIRST COUNSELOR IN THE BRANCH PRESIDENCY!!! He's such a boss! :)) That was probably the coolest part of the whole transfer for me so far!
Frère Cerol giving me a pound/thumbs-up on the bus after passing his Melchizedek Priesthood interview. He's awesome!!


So, back when Elder Jex was still here, there was a joke going around between some missionaries and one of the members that I was a High Priest. It was just some harmless sarcasm... so we thought. So apparently the rumors kept going around, and a large group in the branch here literally thought I was a High Priest! I didn't think that they really believed that it was true until Saturday when President Occolier (our Branch Pres) came up to me and asked me if I was in a bishopric before. Then I finally realized that the joke had spread without my knowledge. So I told him no, I have never been in a bishopric. I'm impressed that they all actually believed that I was mature enough to ever be ordained a high Priest. It made me feel pretty good. :) haha There are only 5 High Priests on the island of Martinique, and 2 of them are less active, and one other one is Elder Turner.


He hasn't come to church the last two weeks. His phone has a problem so he can't hear us when we call him. It's really frustrating because we can't really communicate anymore. But we still have been able to teach him every now and then.


He keeps coming to church. And he's trying some sort of nicotine patch to quit smoking. Yesterday at church Elder Lewis and a member gave him a blessing to help him quit. We've now taught him basically everything except for tithing. And our talks about baptism are getting more and more serious.


He was here this last weekend and I had an awesome interview with him. He recommended that I read "The Infinite Atonement" so now I'm trying to get my hands on a copy... He also gave me other inspiration on how I can improve, and I'm super excited to get working.


He didn't come to church. He's a busy guy, trying to support his family, he's not married, and he has problems with smoking and coffee. We'll keep working with him, but if he doesn't try to keep commitments, we might have to give him a break from us.


We lost contact with her... :/

I love you all very much! Have a great week! I have no idea what I'm going to hear this next weekend when I get my transfer call! But I do know that Elder Russell is leaving, but he's coming your way. I'll miss him. :( You better go to his homecoming talk!


Elder Dayton

 Me and Elder Lewis super sweaty one night after running to the LAST bus after a late night appointment. We missed it and had to walk about 40 minutes home. It was an adventure though! :) Sometimes we do crazy stuff. Those times are going to be the most memorable of my mission.

Elder Lewis and I got soaked on Sunday after church. Oh well. #ithappens

We went on a cool little hike today in the mountains and the forest. My good friend Elder Russell might have just had his last mission hike. :( I'm super excited though because we're doing an exchange this week! We get to have one last blast doing missionary work together before he goes back to Kaysville! :)

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