Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We DID It!!!!!

September 8, 2014

WE DID IT! We got a total of 131 people in sacrament meeting, nearly doubling our average! Elder Lewis and I had a total of 6 current investigators at church, and a bunch of potential investigators that were referred to us from members! There were so many non-members there! And we even had a less-active show up! The rooms were all full, and I didn't even get to sit down for all of sacrament meeting because there weren't enough chairs. It was sweet! We're looking for a new building to move into. Once we get our weekly average to 80 we can move into a new building. Once we get 90, we can buy property to build a chapel, and once we hit 100 we can start building a new chapel!


Loccident came to church! He's super awesome! We saw him with a member last week that helped translate the Creole-franglish-spanol conversation. He's an awesome guy with a ton of faith. He became friends instantly with the rest of our Haitian crowd, of which only two are actual members at the moment.

Yesterday we went and saw him after church and he told us how much he loved it and how he felt so good there. He feels that it's true! The Spirit works so well! He has a cute little son named Jordan too, that's three. We're going to try to teach his wife soon. Loccident says that he wants her to be with him in this church. He also wants to get a car so that he can come every week.


Me with Rudy and Pierre-Louis

Pierre-Louis is just awesome. He went with Frère Noel to one of their friend's churches last Thursday. Afterward, the members of the church approached them and asked if they would be coming back the next week, and Pierre-Louis just sorta laughed and said, "No, I'm Mormon." SO AWESOME!! Haha! He told us also that it is his dream to go to the temple, and nothing's gonna stop him from getting there.


Elder Dayton with Jerson
We started teaching Jerson last week! He's the one who's going to have to get (re)baptized because his records are lost. He's a little embarrassed that he has to re-do everything, and he doesn't remember everything very well either. We're going to work with him hand-in-hands with the members to get him baptized and soon become a strong Priesthood holder in the Branch. We set a date with him for the 27th of September, but I don't know if he'll make it for that date. We'll see...

Frere Cerol and Elder Dayton


He's awesome! He's been baptized for just over two months now and is fulfilling his Priesthood responsibilities so well. He should be getting the Melchizedek Priesthood in the next month or so! 


This past week has been a week of spiritual growth for me. My personal studies have gotten so much better lately as I have been writing more things down in a study journal. I wish I would have been using a study journal like this from the beginning! I was missing out on so much revelation! I've been really interested in "integrity" lately. It's not one of the Christlike Attributes in PMG, but it's one that I have been studying a lot about. I am amazed by scriptural examples such as Job, Elijah, and the Anti-Nephi Lehis. They never once turned on what they knew was right. Being true to oneself and completely obedient is so important and it is something I'm trying to get better at, for "no man can serve two masters."

One of my favorite quotes about integrity is from President Monson's talk "Be Strong and of Good Courage" from April 2014. It is a quote by Jabari Parker's father:
“[My father] said, Just be the same person you are in the dark that you are in the light.”

That's my goal. I want to be the same Elder Dayton at all times and in all places.

I love you all! Have an amazing week! :)

Elder Dayton

Elder Dayton and Elder Lewis overlooking Martinique. They have big plans!

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