Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Pottery Village

August 11, 2014

Hello family!

So, for P-Day today we went to a pottery village down on the south side of the island. It was awesome! We got to watch a guy make some pots. His name was Sylvain. He was super pro at making pots! He made it look really easy. I think it actually is easy... I'll probably open a business when I get home. I also got to skip rocks, which is my favorite sport. Skipping rocks is probably what the Celestial Kingdom is like. Then to finish it all off, I saw my favorite car--a Fiat Multipla. It's a classic French beauty, complete with a muffin top.

So this past week was good. We didn't teach a lot of lessons to investigators, which is kind of a bummer. But it makes sense, because we don't really have a lot of investigators right now, which is a big problem. I really just need to be more diligent and talk to more people throughout the day. Sometimes it's just exhausting, but hardly ever do new investigators come to you.

So, we did see a lot of members this past week. Almost every night we had an appointment. We made some solid missionary plans with them and I'm excited to see the Lord's hand in our work with them. We used Ether 3:1-6 and talked about how Jared's bro made the plan and fabricated the stones, and THEN he took them to the Lord and asked him to put forth his power. Then the Lord reached down and touched them. And the Brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord, and his plan was a success! So we really inspired some members, and it got me really excited to work with them.

We have a training meeting tomorrow and we're going to be talking about the importance of the Book of Mormon in missionary work. It should be pretty good, and I hope we can inspire the missionaries. I know that if we can just find people that will act enough to read the Book of Mormon, they will come to know that everything else is true, just like how Joseph Smith says in the Introduction to the BoM. Then, we will be filling the ocean with people and baptizing like crazy!

I love you all so much! Sorry, but I've gotta go. I have more reports to do. I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Elder Dayton

Elder Dayton and Lewis

Elder Dayton with Elder Russell, his Kaysville buddy.

We saw some jellyfish at the dock by the pottery village. I touched the tops of them, and I didn't get stung!

Elder Lewis made a delicious apple pie! He's a good cook!

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