Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mwen ka pale creole!‏

July 21, 2014

Bonswe tout moun!

I don't really know if that's how you say or spell "good evening everybody" in Haitian Creole or not. But I think it's close enough. Speaking of Haitians...


We have officially started teaching the companion of Pierre-Louis, and she is as awesome as he is! Haitians are officially the coolest people on earth. They are so humble and so kind. She's come to church with Pierre-Louis for the past 3 weeks and she likes it a lot. We taught her yesterday with Pierre-Louis and a member and had a great lesson. She barely speaks any French, so she communicates in broken French/Creole. But it doesn't matter because the Spirit speaks all languages, and the Spirit was so strong in our lesson. She used to be really nervous around us and wouldn't ever talk, because I think she was afraid that we were police... haha But now she's really open with us. Wilta and Pierre-Louis totally would get baptized if they could get legal! We're going to fast with him this weekend for him to find a job to make enough money to buy his fiscal stamps (very expensive) to get legal. But even after that, it could sadly be a very long process.

Some good news though is that his 14 year-old son lives in Haiti and he's going to start going to church with his nephew, who is already a member!! So his whole family will be baptized someday and they'll all live together eternally.

After our lesson, Pierre-Louis fed us some food. They taught me how to say the prayer in Creole! All I could say was, "thank you for this food that Pierre-Louis made." They got a kick out of it though! They almost died laughing at an American White boy speaking their language! I'm gonna learn it and speak it fluently! :)

We're also going to start teaching Pierre-Louis' friend named Rudy. He's super sweet too and has already been to church once!


Enzo WILL be getting baptized this Saturday at 9am. The little 9 year-old stud already passed his interview! :) I'm pretty sure that Elder Jex will be doing the baptism. It will be great because it's going to be Elder Jex's last Saturday in Martinique.


We have other people we teach, like Walter, Billy, Veronica, and Mr. Siffard. I could tell you about them, but I'm saving you the pain and just giving you the juicy stuff. Once they start making progress, I'll let you know. 

I have some photos from this last week! :)

Elder Dayton

Waiting at the airport going to Guadeloupe for Zone Conference with the rest of the Martinique gang.

Me and the famous Elder Broadbent, who is now serving in my first area! He's an awesome missionary. I got to go on an exchange with him to see the Desir family while I was there. (Broadbent is famous to me because I lived with my friends at Broadbent Hall at BYU. That's the reason why I had to get a picture with him.)

Me and Elder Laufatte, our last native French-speaking missionary. He's awesome.

So, I went on an exchange in Trinité last week with my old companion Elder Fraley... And just like old times, we got bombarded by a HUGE bug! I think this is what they call a millipad. I've heard that they're potentially deadly, and this one was ginormous!

A fun picture of me wearing my bonnet that I made this morning. I'm going to start wearing it proselyting to protect my scalp from the scalding solar rays. It's a good utensil carrier too.

Today we had a fun p-day activity at the Tombolo again. I'm sure you'll see more about it on Sister Turner's facebook page.

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