Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Big Bertha!

August 4, 2014

Aloha familia,

So I've already used up most of my email time, so I've gotta go "quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword," just like the word of God. (D&C 6)


Missionaries making preparations for the tropical storm.

So there was a tropical storm that hit the islands this last week. We were on alert for about 24 hours and got trapped inside for quite some time. But it ended up being nothing really. I've seen more rain in Kaysville. I'm just waiting for a real live hurricane to hit! then we'll have some service, and people's hearts will soften a little.

Elder Kabongo came to Martinique at the end of his mission, before going back to Belgium. He stayed with us for a couple days, and we played dominoes in the dark because they cut our power during the storm. They ate sardine sandwhiches during the storm. I had nothing to do with that!

Even though Bertha didn't do much, we have a bigger wave sweeping the West Indies at the moment, and it's baptisms! The Lord really is hastening his work here! Our mission has a goal to get 600 baptisms for the year, so we need 50 per month. And in July alone we had a total of 68! We're starting to see miracles. Our mission is starting to focus on using the Book of Mormon in contacting people. President Mehr said in his email this week "We are emphasizing contacting and teaching with the book of Mormon during the next several months to help reach the goal of 600 baptisms by the end of the year. We will be concentrating on flooding the mission with the book of Mormon. I'm super excited. Elder Lewis and I are going to get our missionaries going and we're going to be ordering a lot of boxes of BoMs!!


Yeah, that's pretty much it. The kid's a stud. He already knows exactly what he's doing. I'm learning a lot from him. He knows so much about the gospel and he's so spiritual! It's going to be an awesome time serving with him.


It is officially over, and I 'm officially changed. Ok, not really... Remember, "Perfection is a process, not an event." It was awesome though. I would definitely recommend trying it. Some of the biggest miracles I've seen from it is the discovered ability I have to control my thoughts. By filling my day with useful work and spiritual reading and conversing, I have found that I'm better able to focus on the work. And when I'm focused on the work, that's when I really love what I'm doing. I've also discovered that I can control myself and increase my conversational skills. I've realized how important body language is when talking to people. If we are sharing something of such importance as the Restoration of Christ's church on the Earth, how can we expect others to have an interest in it if our body motions are giving signs that we're disinterested, bored, or trying to be cool. "We're not cool, we're missionaries," said President Mehr.

Anyways, I've gotta go. Pierre-Louis, Wilta, and their friend Rudy are our most solid investigators for the moment. We had all three of them at church yesterday, plus a new investigator and member referral named Pascal.

This coming week, Elder Lewis and I have rendez-vous with just about every member in our area, so we're going to be making some killer missionary plans with them. I'm pumped!

Love you all! Gotta go! If you don't catch the wave, you're going to drown!

Edler Dayton

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