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Banane Pesee Party!

August 18, 2014

Salut les amis!

Elder Lewis and I had a heck of a week here in Fort-de-France!! So much happened that was good, I hope I can even mention everything! I'm just going to go through the days of the week a little bit.


So on Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting that went awesome. The missionaries are using the Book of Mormon a lot more and we just got a huge shipment in and we're going to start teaching people from them like crazy! After, we watched the new Mormon Message and drank some root beer that I made (it had been since forever that I last drank that stuff.)

In the afternoon we taught a guy named Guy. We told him that God doesn't like alcohol and tried to talk him out of drinking a shot of rum after the prayer. We couldn't stop him. He had to do it. He thinks he's not addicted, but he is.


So our branch is looking for a new location for our church. So we went with the senior couple on Tuesday to look at a potential spot. It was nice, but a little too big. We're still looking!


Mom, I'm not telling this story to scare you. Au contraire, I'm telling you this story to give you confidence in your son's ability to look death in the eyes and walk away.

Elder Lewis and I had to take care of some business in the morning to get him legal here in Matnik (Martinique). On the bus ride back, one of the Fort-de-France crazies was yelling at me and telling me to give him 20 Euros. Then as he was getting off the bus, he pulled a knife on me, got up nice and close so I could smell the alcohol on his breath, waved the knife in the air between our faces and then in a rude way he told me in Créole: "Don't come near the apartment complex again or I'll cut your throat."

Weirdly, I wasn't even even a bit scared. I didn't even flinch or say anything, and neither did Elder Lewis, and the guy just got off the bus. The people in the back were laughing and nudging each other in the sides like they'd just seen something crazy happen.

Later I got a plastic bottle thrown at me by some gangsters (we have a missionary term for "gangsters" here but it's not very nice and I'm definitely not writing it in an email because it sounds like a really bad word, even though it's not.)

In the evening as we were walking on the freeway in the dark we met a sweet guy named Renaud. As we walked by him he asked us for a BoM. We taught him as we walked and set up an appointment for Saturday. I'll talk about him more in a bit...

Then we were running late at night and walking home when some young guys stopped us. They offered us a pizza and a ride home. Sadly, we couldn't take the pizza, so they drove us home, smoking marijuana in their beater car, with the underwater tin-sounding subwoofer playing some slow reggae. They were nice guys.


I don't have time to talk about Friday.


We went and saw Renaud and taught him at his apartment. His situation is fragile, as he has Schizophrenia. His apartment was filthy and smelled terrible. There were clothes strewn everywhere, ashes on the ground, and bones and chips lying around here and there. He has had major problems in the past with some bad drugs and has been in prison twice. We gave him a BoM and he was very touched. The member we were with even noticed that he was crying during the lesson. He was so grateful. He accepted to be baptized once he knows that these things are true and starts keeping the commandments. It was amazing that as we taught, him my physical body just wanted to get out of there, but through the Spirit I knew that Heavenly Father loved this man and wanted us to stay and help him. I know that this man can change! I can tell that he wants it too, but more than that, he NEEDS it. He just needs some serious repentance and some serious love. He is very open with us and was very touched when he came to church and felt the Spirit that was there. He's already planning on coming to church and English class every week, and is even planning on walking to get there.

Our investigator Pierre-Louis organized a Banane Pesée party on Saturday and it was BOMB!! He invited us and a ton of church members. It was so good. You've got to look up what it is. It's a Haitian dish. (fried green plantain bananas, I think) When we showed up he had Mormon Messages playing on his computer. We had a great time. There was so much love in that little tiny hut.

Anyways, I have to go! Have a great week.

Elder Dayton

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