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June 16, 2014

Hello everyone!!

Happy Fathers’ Day yesterday, Dad! :) And happy birthday on Sunday Anna! Also, happy birthday to cousin Landen on the 19th, and cousin Mitch on the 23rd.  Also Elder Naters on the 23rd as well. And Davis Owen, good luck with your talk on Sunday. You’re going to kill it in Guatemala!!


I got my official transfer call this last week, and I am going to the big city of the island, Fort-de-France, and I’m going to be Zone Leaders with Elder Jex! I’m pretty stoked. It’s pretty rare to get transferred from Martinique to another area on Martinique, but it looks like I got lucky! :) It should be a fun area. I’ll be on foot now, which will be a lot harder and a lot more tiring than a car or a bike, but I’m excited to live in the center of the action. Plus, even though the apartment smells bad, it has one of the coolest views in all of French side, and we sleep on the balcony too.

I love the branch in Fort-de-France. I already know all the members because our group met there once a month. I’ll be in the best area too, member-wise. We probably have about half of all the members (about 35 of the 70 actives) on the island in our area.

I’m going to miss Elder Fraley a lot. It’s sad that we have to say that the days of Deputy Dayton and Sheriff Fraley are over. :( But he already crowned me and promoted me to be Sheriff of Fort-de-France. Hahaha :) good times… I’ll miss that goofball.


Yesterday at church we only had 9 people (including us) who were there… The Anthony family are starting to get a little bit shaky and heading down the road to being less active. It’s very sad! We received a text from Sister Anthony saying that she didn’t want to come anymore and she didn’t want anyone at her apartment either. The group in Beauséjour was basically for them because they could walk there. But now that they’re not coming, Christina doesn’t come either. So we’re down 4 people in our group… :( I’m not leaving Trinité area on a very good note. Thankfully, Renessa is still active and funny as ever! :)

Our miracle investigators the Mulciba family didn’t come to church either yesterday. That was a bummer as well. I think it was because of Fathers’ Day.

Rémi went to church yesterday in Fort-de-France! He’s progressing well. He still hasn’t completely understood the Authority of the Priesthood, but I assume he’ll understand soon and accept a baptismal date soon. He’ll be a great asset to the church here in Martinique! We need more youth desperately! It’s something the West Indies Mission has started focusing on lately. More youth, and more families.


Elder Taylor Russell is coming back! He’s taking my place in Trinité to serve with Elder Fraley! I’m super stoked! :) He’s going to be a great help to the group and the area. He’s coming back from English side, so he’ll be on fire and ready to baptize. We’re basically switching roles. When I came to Martinique, I was his  DL in Trinité and he was my ZL in Fort-de-France. Now he’ll be the DL in Trinité. We’re literally switching roles and areas! Haha it’ll be awesome to serve around him again. Martinique’s gonna explode!!

Keep it real everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing summer/mission!

Avec amour,

Elder Dayton

P.S. We had a spider create an egg sac in our study room and they hatched one night while we were out working! We came home and there were baby spiders EVERYWHERE! It was like something out of a horror movie! We smashed all of them that we could and mopped up all of them that were on the ground. Then, later, Elder Fraley stumbled upon the mother spider in our bathroom and it was HUGE!! Luckily I manned it up and sucked that little nasty thing with a vacuum. It was INTENSE! I’ll have to show you all videos some other time…


We hiked Mount Pélée again this morning. Sadly it was super cloudy and wet, so I didn’t dare get my camera out. But I have this pic of me eating the “Mount Pélée” ice cream at the restaurant at the base.

After, Elder Fraley and I went to Sainte-Marie to walk out to an island called the Tombolo. When it’s lower tide, you can walk out to the island on the sand! Super sick!

Take a step into my office. We found an office chair on the beach.

A view of Ste-Marie from the top of the Tombolo.

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