Monday, June 30, 2014

Freddy Got Baptized!

June 30, 2014

Hello everyone! We got a baptism! :)

Freddy got baptized on Saturday! That's right, ANOTHER baptism on Martinique! :) It was awesome! We have an amazing new branch mission leader and Elder Jex and I have been working really hard, and we had an amazing baptismal service. Why was it amazing? Because the branch did almost everything! It was great. That's exactly what Elder Jex and I have been working for recently with the leaders of the branch. In branch council this last week we talked a bunch about responsibility and how the members need to take responsibility. If not, they're not going to grow any stronger. (Look in Preach My Gospel on page 215 at the quote by President Hinckley, and the 2nd point he makes.)

Elder Cornish told us last year that the missionaries are TOO good and that we do too much sometimes. He said that what most branches need are missionaries that aren't any good. The history in the branch has been that the members do most of it, but if something hard comes up, they just dish the task off to the missionaries. But we're bringing a STOP to that!!

Sorry for the rant... haha I'm just really pumped right now!


In Branch Council last week we got them pumped up on missionary work too, and we set the goal with them to have a total attendance of 100 on Sunday, July 6th. Now all the missionaries are visiting all the members and seeing who they can invite to church. It's going to be awesome if we get that many! Our average is around 60 normally. WHEN we get 100, we won't even have enough chairs to seat everyone! It's going to be awesome! :) Plus, after church we'll have a branch meal together.

I love the members in our area too! They're really starting to catch the vision, and they're starting to learn how to invite their friends to "come and see." We've already visited a few members and made lists of who they're going to give invitations to. We also have invited them to fast with us and the rest of the West Indies Mission to get 600 total baptisms as a mission in 2014. Everyone we've talked to so far is ALL IN and stoked to join our mission fast! :)

I don't have much else to say today... Pierre-Louis came to the baptism and to church. He's awesome! He looks like a natural at church and he dresses and is prepared as if he's been a member his whole life. His only problem right now is he has to wait to become legal (from Haiti), and then he has to get married. The sad thing is that his wife doesn't really want to listen to us right now, but she'll come around with time. We're going to see him tonight in fact, with an awesome member that recently moved here from Canada named Frère Noël.

We haven't heard anything from Jalense since. We're still trying to get ahold of him again.

That's about it y'all! Keep on fighting the good fight with all your might! If you pick the right team, you're guaranteed to win!

Here's a quote by Spencer W. Kimball that I LOVE, and it's what we talked about a lot at Leadership Training, and it's what inspired Elder Jex and I to start "responsibilizing" the branch here in Martinique:

Jesus knew how to involve his disciples in the process of life. He gave them important and specific things to do for their development. Other leaders have sought to be so omnicompetent that they have tried to do everything themselves, which produces little growth in others. Jesus trusts his followers enough to share his work with them so that they can grow. That is one of the greatest lessons of his leadership. If we brush other people aside in order to see a task done more quickly and effectively, the task may get done all right, but without the growth and development in followers that is so important. Because Jesus knows that this life is purposeful and that we have been placed on this planet in order to perform and grow, growth then becomes one of the great ends of life as well as a means. We can give corrective feedback to others in a loving and helpful way when mistakes are made.

We need to have enough love and trust in those we serve to give them a share in the responsibility. The growth they will experience is the ultimate gift you can give them.

I Love You,
Elder Dayton

Martinique at night, all lit up. Beautiful!

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