Monday, June 30, 2014

First Week in Fort-de-France

June 23, 2014

Bonjour! To-to-to? 
(How you call in to a house contact in France. Does't really mean anything.)

I'm officially in my new area, with my new companion, with my new apartment that actually doesn't smell as bad as it used to (apartment and companion both.) We've cleaned it up and it's starting to look super nice. I think it's my favorite apartment so far. Every morning we wake up to the sun rising. It makes it so much easier to get up in the morning and smile.

And I'm actually getting slower at typing now because I've gotten used to typing on French keyboards, and today I'm writing on an American keyboard... Que peut-on faire?


This city is awesome! It kind of looks like what I picture Brazil to look like. Just houses stacked on top of houses on hills. It's great. The people in the city are different. They're easier to talk to. Plus I see Asians a lot too! (They're everywhere nowdays.) We have some sweet investigators already and just this past week we got some new investigators with a lot of potential! Plus, we finally have male investigators!! Our branch needs some more #PRIESTHOOD support.


Freddy is our investigator that should be getting baptized this Saturday! He's awesome. He's 32 and the son of one of the older member ladies in the Branch. I interviewed him two weeks ago for baptism, but he wasn't quite ready in terms of all the commandments, but he hasn't drunk any coffee since! So he'll have an interview this Wednesday with Elder Russell and everything should go well! #BAPTISM :)


He's an awesome member referral. He's Haitian. I LOVE Haitians! They're usually more believing and a lot more humble. He's great, but might have a while before he can get baptized because he needs to get legal, and he needs to get married.


A brand new investigator from yesterday! He's only 16 and he moved to Martinique on Saturday from Brazil! He's also Haitian. He speaks Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, and a little bit of English and French. Pierre-Louis found him in the street the other day looking like he was lost. So he took him under his wing and was giving him a haircut yesterday when we went over to see Pierre-Louis. We taught them the Book of Mormon and answered Jalense's questions. He's an awesome kid and is trying to start a religious youth group in Martinique that's connected with kids from New York, Miami, Brazil, Paris, and Haiti. He's got a really good heart and is searching for Truth. Plus, he wants to learn more English from us! :)


Elder Jex is from Orem, Utah and is a world-renowned and self-proclaimed foot model. He is hilarious! :) I love him so much! And he's an awesome missionary.  He got transferred to the French side from the Dutch side three transfers ago, so he's still learning French. He only has 3 transfers left. He's the first companion I've had since my trainer that is older than me in mission age and birthday age. I'm really excited to be able to learn from him.

I think that's about it! We killed a bunch of cockroaches out from behind our oven and washing machine the other night. That was fun! :) Haha that's life down here in the West Indies.

I love you all so much!! Have a good week! Hopefully next week you'll be getting some baptism pics and some more cool news from the lives of Elder Dayton and Foot Model Elder Jex.


Elder Daytona Beach

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