Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello Again!

April 12, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde!! :)

It was great talking to the family yesterday. Too bad Amanda wasn't there. I bet she'd rather be in England anyway though. I don't blame her! Last time it seemed like I was talking to you all for a while, but last night the time flew by! But it was so great to see your faces and talk to you! :)


We taught one lesson to Renessa last week. She also came to English class though. But sadly she didn't come to church. She's having some personal financial problems, so she's sort of stressing out about that and trying to get things figured out. She might be moving to a city just north of where we are. It's still part of our area, but it will make it harder for her because she won't be able to walk to church anymore. But she still has her baptismal date for the 24th of May, which is in two weeks. So we'll just have to make sure she comes to church this week, then assess the situation to decide whether or not she's ready to be baptized. We don't really have any concerns up to this point, but we just want to make sure she's fully committed and ready.


This last week we got a few new investigators. Some of them are showing some signs of potential. It'll be nice to have new people we can visit and share the Gospel with. Lots of people say that if they receive an answer to their prayers telling them that they need to be baptized, they will get baptized. Now we just need to help people understand that they're supposed to actually pray about it! I guess we'll just have to study "How to Help Others Keep Commitments" in Preach My Gospel this week... Btw, how's all your study in PMG going? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten M. Russell Ballard's commitment to all the members to start reading in PMG. :)


I almost forgot!! One of the coolest things happened last week! We found a member that lives in our area that didn't have her records transferred here when she moved from France back in 2006! She never was able to find the church building and just lost all contact with the LDS Church. But somehow we got her number referred to us and so we called her to set up an appointment. We have tried several times in the past, but no success, until last week! We found where she lived and it turns out that she is awesome! She's probably in her 60's and has been a member for over 20 years. She used to work with the missionaries all the time in the Lyon, France branch. She's been to the temple in Switzerland many times and was endowed there! But since losing track of the church, she just kind of fell off the map. She still believes everything is true and still has the "Jospeh Smith Book." She's honestly just forgotten a lot and she just needs to awaken the old memories she haves of the church and the gospel. Everything is still there, it's just a little cloudy. We sang "I Am A Child of God" with her and she knew the tune and some of the lines still. Then we shared the Restoration with here. She didn't remember some things, like the word Priesthood. But she basically recited the First Vision with us! It was so cool! :) She is way awesome and super nice, and she LOVES missionaries! :) She has a car came to church in FdF yesterday and it sounds like everything went well. #RESCUING #REACTIVATION


This is an experience that I can't even describe. It's one of our new investigators... We were with a member Soeur Delise on Saturday morning, but our appointments fell through, so we just decided to go door-to-door. That's when we met Claude. There's no way to describe how interesting meeting and teaching him was. The only way Elder Fraley or I could describe it was as it we were in some old movie where some kids stumble upon an old man that changes their life. So I'm just going to use bullet points to tell the story. Then maybe I can clear everything up in 10 years when I understand better what happened...
* Contacting huge houses right on the ocean, where mostly Atheists live
* It's unuasally cool and overcast for the first time in... like forever
* We were about 100 yards from our own apartment
* We called into a house and a guy came our on his balcony, told us to wait there, then came down
* He's about 70, missing teeth, has glasses, walks with major difficulty, has a paralyzed left arm, and he's half blind
* He lives alone but he has life-assistants that help him during the day
* His house is huge and the yard is overgrown with weeds
* He let us in, asked us who sent us there. We told him we felt impressed to try his home. He said he could sense that the Holy Spirit was with us.
* He shakes and cries "Hallelujah" whenever he feels the presence of the Holy Ghost.
* He let us share our message and believed everything we said
* He won't pray to ask God if the Restoration is true, because he believes it is already
* He has a half-built chapel in his backyard that he was building to have people come from all around to be healed
* He couldn't come to church this week because he's gained weight recently and his clothes don't fit anymore
* He wants us to come back to give him the Book of Mormon on Tuesday and talk more about how we can help him in his yard
* He gave us about 12 mangos

We walked home without words to explain how weird the whole situation was
Ya got it? You see how interesting that is? Ya... I guess you probably had to be there. But just trust me.


Have a good week! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCH OWEN on the 16th!!

Elder Taylor Dayton

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