Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Journal Entry EMail

May 19, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters,

We had quite the week... Lots of journal-worthy things happened, so a lot of this will be right from the private diary of Elder Taylor Dayton! :)... aren't you guys lucky?!


Wednesday: "I was on an exchange in Fort-de-France all day today with Elder Jex. Everything fell through, so we did contacting all day. We just found one huge apartment building and did it all day. We met some very interesting people. One of our best contacts was the mother of a boy we met outside and said we could pass by. (We sneakily used him to get into the building which was private, but he had the key.) We got let in the apartment and I looked on the couch and saw a REALLY fat black boy wearing only yellow panties slumped asleep on the couch. Then I saw that his hair was done like a girl's. That's when I realized that he wasn't a REALLY fat, shirtless, yellow panty-wearing, girl-haired little boy, but in fact, it was just a chubby young girl with no shirt on..." Welcome to Martinique.

"We start sharing who we are, what we do, and started talking about what we have to do to have an eternal family. So commandments came up and that's when one of the women/mothers in the house cut us off and defensively said, "Yeah, we're already Catholic and we know all this stuff. We go to mass and we hear about the nine commandments, and we follow them already. Then she re-thought for a split second and said, "or is it the seven commandments?" Then we told her that it was actually ten commandments, then she said, "Oh is that right?! Where does it say that in the Bible, huh?" Then I told her we could read it in the Bible together if she wanted, but we'd rather just move on with our message. So we kept trying to push forward with our beliefs on eternal families, but she cut us off again and said, "We already follow the nine commandments, but we can't follow the tenth yet because the tenth commandment is to die." Then I told her that dying actually wasn't one of the ten commandments. By this time her mom was laughing in embarrassment for her daughter. So we continued, set up a return appointment, got their phone number, then left the REALLY fat little boy who was still sleeping and the crazy Catholic women and knocked on the next door."


Thursday: "Our first lesson was in Ducos with Madame Judith Boisson and Philippe, the family of Soeur Lagrand. We got there and neither Soeur Lagrand nor Philippe were there. Soeur Judith invited us in anyway and we just kind of sat waiting and making small talk with her. There was a lot of awkward silence, but she's a cute elderly woman, so it's okay." In the end, nobody showed up after about 45 minutes, so we just started a lesson with Soeur Judith. Philippe showed up right after we started. We had to teach extremely simply because she is old and his brain still isn't fully recovered from his illness, but he believes that we know what he needs to do to go through the repentance process. He wants to be baptized! Soeur Judith also wants to be baptized. It was an awesome lesson even though Soeur Lagrand never showed up. Sadly they don't live in our area, so we're going to have to pass them off to the missionaries in the South.


Friday: "Tonight we had a first lesson with a family. Last week we were walking around the city of Robert at night looking for a pizza place when a woman in a car stopped us. She told us she loved what we were doing and that she wanted us to come over to eat with her family and meet her 18 year-old son. So we went over tonight and the family is super awesome! The two parents are married too! It wasn't really us sharing a message, it was more like them demanding us to share information and respond to questions. They are so nice! Madame Alberte Mulciba is already so attached to us! She loves us! (We explained to them how transfers work and she said that she never wants us to leave! haha) It's truly a miracle that we found this family."


She's getting baptized this Saturday!!! :) There's not much more to say other than that. Marclin is going to baptize her in the ocean, and Frère Lagrand is going to confirm her. #BAPTISM


He's crazy. There's not much more to say other than that. We took a member of 43 years with us to see him, and he pretty much quoted Satan in saying that he was one of the first spirits created and how he will receive some type of glory... Soeur Laquembé is honestly convinced that he is possessed by a demon. We did service for him though. Everything went well except for I got attacked by some stupid ants whose bites hurt like the devil (his property is cursed too.) 


Elder Taylor Dayton

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