Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zone Conference, BBQ, and Diligence

April 28, 2014

Kia ora everyone!!

Well I sure did have a great week! A ton happened and I know I'm not going to be able to get it all in, but gratefully  I have a lot of pictures that count as 1,000 words each!

Happy late Mustache March everyone! - Love, your favorite missionaries in the West Indies.


Zone Conference was in Guadeloupe again this past Tuesday. We were there Monday and Tuesday night, and came back on Wednesday. It was awesome! My favorite ZC yet! It was all about planning and how we need to make the best of the 168 hours we are given each week. All the teachers had well-prepared lessons, and I learned a lot.

Sadly, I didn't get to seen Jocelyn or Adrien while I was there, but I did leave gifts for them (ties and such). Adrien called be on Sunday while he was at church to thank me for the tie and CD. He was SO happy! It was awesome to be able to talk to him! :) He said he is praying for me and Mama Dayton, and he's going to look for her in the Choir every time he watches it (I gave him a CD and a pic of Mom--that's probably one of my favorite missionary tools).


In smaller news, we did door-to-door contacting with Frère and Soeur Laquembé (78 and 72 years old respectively) this last week, and it was awesome. They're troopers. They're relentless. They're hilarious. And they speak Créole, so they were able to talk with everyone, including the old folks.


Daniel, an investigator that I haven't seen in over a transfer, finally ceded to a rendez-vous with us because he was in Trinité with his girlfriend (who is from Guadeloupe and a member). So we went and saw the two of them and shared a simple message and talked about baptism. He KNOWS he needs to get baptized, he's just looking for reasons not to. But luckily his GF/francophone/member was there to talk some serious sense into him. I think with her help we can really get him baptized. He just works too much. But we're seeing him this week, so we should have a good lesson!


So, mom and dad, you have already cheated and know about the BBQ we had for our group, but it's okay, I'll still talk about it. It was AWESOME!! All of our group members showed up except for Marclin and Christina, and everyone had so much fun! We first did a service project and cleaned up the yard all around the church, and then we had the BBQ. Sister Turner (senior couple) brought some games and we played "Ne Mangez Pas Pierre" (Don't Eat Pete) and it was so fun. Plus, Renessa and her kids came!! After, we had a lesson with everyone that was still there and we talked about Priesthood Keys (which were given to Simon-Pierre by Jésus-Christ in Matthieu 16:15-19 in La Sainte Bible). Then we committed Renessa and her son Romuald to be baptized on May 24th!! :) And to make it better, she came to church on Sunday and had a blast! President Occolier from the Branch came and taught the Sunday School lesson and it was SO good and she participated a ton!

Renessa, enjoying the BBQ chicken, and her son, Romuald

Renessa's little girl.

I made some cookies to go with our meal.

Don't Eat Pete!

             Our beautiful chapel grounds after the clean-up!


This Sunday at church I learned a simple lesson from some of the members about diligence. During the Sunday School lesson, President Occolier had us read a scripture in D&C 123:14 and it said the word Diligence in it (I know-in English it uses "earnestness" but you get the effect). Then he asked the congregation what it means to be diligent. I thought in my head what most missionaries probably think: "diligence is working hard, sweating, getting emotionally/physically exhausted until we baptize someone, then doing it again." But the members raised their hands, and they said things like "doing things carefully" and "with great attention." And at first I thought they were all wrong, and that they were forgetting the hard work and sweat... But then we all discussed diligence, and I realized that diligence does not equal sweat at all. Diligince is doing things with care, love, and purpose. It was a great lesson for me. It doesn't matter how many little-bitty things we're doing to fill in our day if were missing out on the big and important things that are better uses of our time. We need to seek out these opportunities and do them with care and attention.

I love you all, and I hope you all have an amazing week! :)


Elder Dayton

I hate spiders!! That's why Elder Fraley is holding this.

  Beautiful beach and P-Day activity in Diamant.

The statues in Diamant in memorial of a ship of (runaway?) slaves that crashed a long, long time ago. It was a pretty cool little historic stop.

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