Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Baptism of Christina!!

April 14, 2014

Hey guys!

Christina got baptized this past Saturday! :) It was awesome! I have a bunch to tell you about, and luckily a lot of photos to show you too, so here you go.


The Elders in Lamentin also had a baptism on Saturday. Their investigator got baptized in the morning. Her name is Sonia and she is super awesome! I got to do her baptismal interview and she is amazing. She's already looking forward to going to the temple. She's been investigating for about a year now, but she finally made the last big leap necessary to become a member of the church. The Elders in Lamentin did a great job teaching her! :) 


Christina got baptized in the afternoon on Saturday by her boyfriend, Marclin. His right arm is paralyzed, so he performed the ordinance with the assistance of another member, and our group leader at the church in Trinite, Frere Lagrand.

(Credit Elder Call and Elder Fraley for some of these photos.)

It was a beautiful day. The river was beautiful too. It was nice and quiet and there was nobody else around. I was very grateful for how everything worked out. After the baptism we went back to the house/church for a little bit of a party that Soeur Anthony threw for everyone. She made a ton of food and ordered a HUGE cake!

Tons of people were there that I had never even met before. They invited so many people! While we waited for the wet people to change into dry clothes, Elder Fraley and I took the opportunity to teach everyone that was there a simple little message about the Restoration of Christ's church on the earth and we gave out pamphlets with our phone number on them. We also had Marclin introduce us to all of his friends that he invited. It was a great example of member missionary work! :)

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to confirm Christina a member of the Church. It was a great! I had no problem at all with the language and it just seemed like all the words came right to me. It was an awesome experience! I'm so grateful with how much I have been blessed in my mission. Sadly, baptisms are pretty hard to come by down here, but I feel extremely blessed for the work I have been able to do, as well as my companions who have helped me become better and keep me working hard.

Church was also great. Elder Fraley gave a great talk about General Conference and then we taught the Sunday School lesson about Repentance.


We got an awesome new investigator last week! It's a referral from the Anthony family. Marclin just started talking to his neighbor about religion one day after we had taught him and Christina about missionary work. We got to meet her last week and she is so awesome!! She used to be a Jehovah's Witness, but left because she didn't feel that it was right. Then she became Evangelist (I think the equivalent of a Baptist in the US), but she still felt like something was missing. We've only taught her one lesson and she already accepted to be baptized if she receives the confirmation from the Holy Ghost! She's a 34 year-old single mother with a 14 year-old son, and 7 year-old and 3 year-old daughters. We should be meeting the rest of the family this week. Sadly, she couldn't come to church on Sunday because she had something else already planned.


That is the name of the family of Caytleen and Cedric. They're still doing well and we still teach them. Cedric is just sort of losing the will to continue and change. But everyone else is great! :) They're still interested in being baptized, so we'll see if we can help with that.


Elder Fraley and I are starting an English class at the church on Wednesday nights at 6:30! You're all invited if you can make it! We've already had several people say that they want to come! It will be a great member missionary opportunity too if we can get them involved! We're also having a barbecue on April 26 with our group! Elder Fraley and I are really trying to get activities going to get our members excited. That's why I love Elder Fraley! He's really good at thinking of fun things to do to help not only our investigators, but also our members! :)

That's about it from Elder Dayton in Martinique. Have a great week! :) Summer is coming! Enjoy the nice weather!

Ya Boi, Elder Dayton

P.S. Happy birthday today Greg Sadler!! :)

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