Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Weekend

April 7, 2014

Dear you guys,

I hope you enjoyed conference! It was AWESOME!! We got to watch it at the church in Fort-de-France. We were showing it in French and English, so I had the option to watch it in either language. I watched about 7 talks in French, and it's just not the same... It's better for me to hear the voice of the Lord's servants. Also, it's hard to pay attention for very long when watching in a different language. Plus, you miss little things when they use words that you don't really know.


Everything should be a GO for this weekend with Christina's baptism. I'm getting excited for it! We're starting to get the program prepared. It's going to be in a river, and we're starting at 2:00 PM (our time). Sadly, she wasn't able to watch conference with us this weekend. There was a mis-communication, and the Anthony family took a taxi to Fort-de-France, but they thought it started at 9AM instead of noon!! Taxi's only run in the morning and they didn't want to stick around and wait until conference with Elder Fraley and I for 3 hours, so they took a taxi back home. Marclin was a little bit angry, and Sister Anthony looked a little bit sad/mad too. But our group leader, Frere Lagrand called the family and confirmed that the baptism is still good for this weekend!


On Friday, Elder Fraley and I had an appointment with a woman named Valerie in the morning. We got there a little late, and she wasn't there. We knocked and waited... and she never showed up. Just as we went to walk away, a boy coming home from school walked up to us and we figured out it was Valerie's son. His name was Medhy and he was 15 years old. Elder Fraley, being a brave and bold servant of the Lord, asked him if he had a little bit of time to talk with us, and he said yes! So he invited us in and we shared a way good spiritual moment with Medhy! We shared the message of the first half of the Restoration, with a focus on the Apostasy and the importance of having God's authority. We gave him a pamphlet and committed him to read it. We bore testimony at the end and he said, "I know that everything you've just told me is true. I'm going to read this pamphlet and I will pray about it. Then, I'll do the same thing with my mom when she gets home." So we set up another appointment with him for Tuesday. Elder Fraley and I walked out of that appointment pretty stoked! :)

Sadly we weren't able to see Mode last week. We saw Mr. Palcy again with some members, and he's not really progressing and he's sort of stuck on his religion. But he might come to church soon, and then he'll feel that this is the true church.


I loved conference this weekend! Sadly, we didn't have any investigators there. But it was still a very good spiritual experience for me with some much needed direction from the servants of the Lord. I can't wait to review all the talks given! I especially loved M. Russell Ballard's talk and his awesome missionary skills in following up with his past commitments given. Review the talks. Study them. Apply them. And share with others the things that you learn.

Sorry, this is a little bit of a shorter email this week. Sarah, have a great time at Prom!! You're going to be beautiful! :) Mom and dad, have fun in Washington D.C. Give Timmy-Boy a shoutout on my part! :)

ITYW (Parker Jones shoutout!)

Elder Dayton

Dad's questions:

Is Christina still going to be baptized on the 12th?

How is Elder Fraley?  Tell us about him.
Cool. Nice. Calm. Very clean. A lot like me. Not a huge eater.

Did you get your package? and when did you receive it?
I'm going to pick it up right after I finish emailing! I tried to pick it up on Friday and Saturday. But both times I went to DHL, they were closed.

What do you want for your birthday?
I don't know... No pants or shirts or anything. Maybe a shower loofa would be nice!

What are the plans for skype for mothers day?  Do you know where you are going to be able to do it?
Probably the church or something. I'm sure the Turner's will help us out.

I just got off the phone with Elder Jenkins.  He said he and his wife met you in Guadeloupe as they were leaving for home.  He told me how you made connections with him through Heber.  He also told me that you will be getting a new couple on the island this week named the Turners from Canada.  I am glad you got to meet him.
Yeah! I forgot to mention that to you about the Jenkins. The Turner's are awesome!!! They're super nice! They don't really speak French yet, but it will come just like mine did. It takes time, no matter how smart you are.

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