Monday, April 21, 2014

Early Morning E-Mail

April 21, 2014

Hello There!

The sun must be on the rise, there's magic in the air! :) I'm emailing you bright and early on Monday morning because we're doing some traveling today... ZONE CONFERENCE IN GUADELOUPE! Yep, that's right! Our flight leaves this afternoon, so we have to take care of p-day business early. We're staying for a couple of nights this time, so I hope I get to find the time to visit some old investigators that I taught and are now baptized... Btw, Carim Versailles got baptized!! He turned 8, and his mom wanted the missionaries to baptize him, like we did with his older sister Nadege.

Me with Carim, Guadeloupe

It was another action-packed week here in Trinite, from your favorite Elders Dayton & Fraley! Let's take a look...


On Tuesday President and Sister Mehr came and visited us. And what else is Tuesday?.. District Meeting. And who had to teach District Meeting? I did. :/ Haha, it was okay though. They contributed a lot and it actually ended up okay! We talked about the importance of finding and teaching families. That's what we really need here on Martinique. The LDS Church has been stagnant here for too long. We've been on the island for 25 years now, there are 400,000 people here, but only 60ish of them are active church members... It's actually quite sad! Success is very hard to come by here. And RETAINED success is even harder. That's why we need families where people can support each other.

Pres. Mehr, Elder Dayton, Elder Fraley

On Wednesday our car was in the shop getting fixed. By the way, we got a new car and gave ours away when the Senior Couple got here, so now we have the old Toyota Corolla, and it needed a bumper replaced (wasn't me, don't worry.) The Mehrs had an appointment with some members in our area for a temple recommend interview, but they didn't know where it was. And since we were stuck in the Zone Leaders' area without a car, we got to ride up to our area with the Mehrs and visit a member. It was a very pleasant ride, and I got to see a glimpse into the life of a mission president. He is a BUSY man! He took a lot of phone calls and was talking about a lot of important stuff that I didn't understand. But it was cool. Our visit with the members was nice.


Our English Class on Wednesday night was the bomb!! We had 4 members show up, and our 2 best investigators, Christopher and Alexandra, plus their little sister Andrea. It was great! They all came in only knowing the basics that they've learned in school, and they left fluent! :) haha jk It was fun though! Elder Fraley and I had a blast doing it.


We are officially no longer living in the church. We moved into our apartment. Elder Fraley and I did it all by ourselves, but sadly it took up almost our whole Saturday. But, WE'RE IN!! The apartment's pretty nice. It's better than all the others on Martinique still I think. Plus, it has a nicer kitchen than the house we were in, and I've become quite the cook on my mission. :) (thanks mom, for the Stroganoff packets and Kool-Aid! And the Starburst Jellybeans, which is my favorite food.)


It's getting harder and harder to see Cedric's family lately, but we were able to visit with Alexandra and Christopher a couple of times with English Class, and another visit. We taught them the Word of Wisdom this week, and it was a great lesson thanks to the help of Elder Bodily (I did an exchange with him, and he's one of my favorite missionaries. He's so good at asking inspired questions, it amazes me! He would make a great replacement district leader, were I to swim away or something.)

I also saw Mode with Elder Bodily. Even with his inspired questions, she just sort of went in circles, contradicting herself and getting distracted in the lesson. We'll keep working on her and see if we can get her moving forward.

Christina is doing great! She fasted this weekend. She's awesome! Also, Soeur Anthony LOVED that you sent her a CD! I cut out one of your pictures and the note and put them in the case so she would see you every time she listened to the CD. She was SOO happy! :) haha She makes me laugh...

Elder Fraley and I are right now starting to get frustrated with some of our current investigators and we are thinking of new finding ideas to start fresh and wipe the no-potentials in our teaching people clean. We have a plan, to be revealed soon... (once we get it approved), but I like to call it "Blitz Splits!"

I also gave a talk on Sunday, and I feel like it was one of my best talks yet. I am so comfortable talking in French in our group now. It feels great! I talked about how Obedience to the Prophet Leads to Eternal Life in the Celestial Kingdom. I found some great scriptures that I used, along with some of last October's Conference talks, and they really strengthened my testimony on the prophets.

This one is about Salvation:
D&C 6:13 -- If thou wilt do good, yea, and hold out faithful to the end, thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of God, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God; for there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation.

That's about it! Have fun in... wherever you are!

I love you,
Elder Dayton


President Mehr took us to Subway after District Meeting! It was SOO GOOD! It's been like a year! Mom, you would be so proud of me and how many veggies I had them put on it!

We sang Easter songs with the Branch in Fort-de-France on Sunday night. 
Fun times! :)

Elder Dayton: the spider killing machine. (I'm basically fearless, almost!)

Sunrise in Fort-de-France.

Forest pics: We sort of got lost in the mountains while trying to have some appointments with members in Saint-Joseph. It was gorgeous though!

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