Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Hastening of the Work

March 25, 2014

This past week was AWESOME!!

Elder Dayton

Just kidding! :) I'll tell you about it. #transfernews


An investigator that I found and taught in my last area got baptized last week! :) It makes me so happy!


This past week as an announcement in District Meeting, the Zone Leaders extended us the challenge to get 21 lessons for each companionship in our zone. If everyone got it, we could hike Mount Pelee for P-Day! Normally we get around 14 lessons per week, but we decided that we needed to step it up! So all the missionaries worked extra hard this past week to get more lessons! We all saw miracles and we all achieved the goal. I learned a lot this past week and felt extra motivated to talk to everyone! It was great because we were constantly looking for people to teach lessons to.

Elder Lever and I tried to go see an old investigator one evening, but he wasn't there. When we went back down the stairs, we saw a bunch of kids playing soccer on a court in the middle of the apartment complex. So we asked them if we could play and just started playing with them. As we played, adults were coming out of their apartments onto their balconies looking at us in confusion as we played soccer in shirt and tie with their neighbors and children. As we were playing, a kid accidently kicked the ball over the fence and we had to go get it. So Elder Lever and I took advantage of the little pause in the game and went and talked to a random guy and taught him about the Great Apostasy. It was great! We had a pretty long conversation with him and at the end he gave us his name and his apartment number. It was a great testimony-builder to me of how the Lord puts people in your path at all times, you just have to talk to them. :)

We made a cake for two people that had birthdays on Sunday. We ate them after church and they were great! (Thanks for the recipe, mom!) Another missionary, Elder Sorenson, left some frosting here and we decided to use it... and it was green Christmas frosting. :) Colored cakes are very weird to French people, so as my favorite member, Marclin Anthony, was watching us frost it, he was pretty confused. My English translation of what he said is: "What the heck is that?!"


In sadder news, the family of Caytleen and Cedric is starting to slow down. They're just not keeping commitments like they used to. They didn't come to church again. We had a really good family home evening with them last week though, so we're not giving up hope.

Mode! She's a newer investigator that we found while doing door-to-door. She's Catholic, about 60, and very nice! She likes us a lot and is very attached to the Bible. She's currently examining the Book of Mormon and trying to stump us with "difficult" questions about it, but she hasn't (and won't) found anything that's turned her away yet. :)

Christina! She's getting really excited for her baptism in a few weeks. It's still set for April 12th. Sister Anthony has already told us about the cake and they're all just ecstatic! :) They're also all excited for General Conference. Sister Anthony is a HUGE fan of the choir! :) And surprisingly it's because of their funny outfits! (Sorry, mom. You know they're weird though. :) haha) Btw, I would love to have a picture of mom in the choir that I can print off and show to people during conference so that they can look for Mama Dayton too!


La Montagne Pelee is an active volcano here in Martinique and the highest peak on the island. We got to hike it on Monday, and luckily none of us missionaries got lost on it like they did back in 2007. :) haha

It was super fun though and we were very fortunate with the weather because the clouds cleared up right as we got to the top.

Cool poses on wooden posts on the base of Mount Pelee.

A tribute to Elder Lever.

 Pretty sweet place to lie down! (Mom freaked a little at this photo...)

One the VERY TOP of Martinique. No one in the island was higher than me at that point. It was pretty invigorating! Super windy, very sketchy. I almost blew off.

Pic from the peak looking southward on Martinique.


My companion, Adam Lever, is leaving me to go down to French Guyana. I'm gonna miss him a ton! :( We had some great times together and both grew so much during these last two transfers. Hopefully I get to see him again soon and serve with him again someday.

My new companion is coming up to Martinique from French Guyana. He's been there his whole mission and hasn't had the true Caribbean experience yet. I'm excited to serve with him and I've already heard great things about him from the other missionaries! :) He's actually who I was hoping would be my companion this next transfer, because I figured that Elder Lever would be leaving. So I'm super pumped!

That's about it...
Bye. Kick some butt this week!

rElde nDayto

P.S. We bought a hammock last week, and now I'm truly living the island life. #onelove #kentingeyshoutout #bestpurchaseever

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