Monday, March 31, 2014

Bonjure toute la mond (Hello everyone)

March 31, 2014

This last week was great!


Elder Lever got transferred down to French Guyana and now he's officially gone. I'm gonna miss him like crazy! I love the kid to death. We had our last meal together at McDonald's on Tuesday. It was so good! If you have access to a McD's anywhere near you, go for Taylor Dayton in Martinique. Think about him and be grateful for your many blessings and that it doesn't cost you 7.50 Euros to get a Big Mac and fries. (7.50 Euros is about $10.35.) We also saw the Anthony family for one last time before he left.

 We did a sweet tie trade and a mirror pic.

Elder Lever, Sister Anthony, Jean-Marc (aka Snoop--we're gonna baptize him as soon as he gets his life turned around--he's already progressed a ton and cut off his dreads), Christina (our friend who's getting baptized on April 12th), Marclin (our member of 3 months and one of my best friends that I've met in the last 10 months of my life), and Jean-Jean (another one of my best friends--he says amazing prayers). :)


Elder Fraley is awesome! I love him! We've set a ton of goals and this kids means business! We want to turn our little group into a branch. We have plans to reactivate inactive members and to bring in new investigators and strengthen current members through activities. We're going to try to work a lot more with the members we have and build them into a solid foundation for the church here.

We played basketball by the ocean today in Schoelcher for p-day. It was sweet. Elder Fraley is a baller too! I'm excited to have him on my team!


We had fast and testimony this week in Trinite because of General Conference this week. It was AWESOME! We have a small group of people, but we never have problems with filling in time during meetings because they're all so passionate and happy to be members of the church here.


She is AMAZING!!! I'm regretfully and thankfully eating any words that I might have said about Christina at the beginning of last transfer. She reads the BoM so much and all the pamphlets that we give her over and over again! She bore her testimony yesterday at church and I had to scoop my jaw up off of the floor when she opened up to 3 Nephi 11 and started reading some of her favorite scriptures. 

31 Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, I will declare unto you my doctrine.

 32 And this is my doctrine, and it is the doctrine which the Father hath given unto me; and I bear record of the Father, and the Father beareth record of me, and the Holy Ghost beareth record of the Father and me; and I bear record that the Father commandeth all men, everywhere, to repent and believe in me.

 33 And whoso believeth in me, and is baptized, the same shall be saved; and they are they who shall inherit the kingdom of God.

 34 And whoso believeth not in me, and is not baptized, shall be damned.

She said that she knows that this is the true church and that she has to be baptized. She astounded me as well as the congregation.


He's one of my favorite members. He honestly used to be one of the "vilest of sinners." But he experienced a huge change in his life, and now he is a priesthood holder. We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him this past week teaching Christina, visiting investigators, and doing home-teaching. His testimony is growin every day. In his testimony he bore at church he used the scriptures in Mosiah 17:9-10 and quoted Abinadi saying:

9 Now Abinadi said unto him: I say unto you, I will not recall the words which I have spoken unto you concerning this people, for they are true; and that ye may know of their surety I have suffered myself that I have fallen into your hands.

 10 Yea, and I will suffer even until death, and I will not recall my words, and they shall stand as a testimony against you. And if ye slay me ye will shed innocent blood, and this shall also stand as a testimony against you at the last day.

He has really received this testimony, and he is taking his testimony with him to his grave. I'm so happy for him. I got into this area the same time he came into the church, so I have been so fortunate to see all of his progress and growth from the time he was a brand new member. It strengthens my testimony to meet people like him that are so strong.


Oh yeah, Christopher and Alexandra came to church too! Cedric and Caytleen couldn't come, but we're still working with them. But we went and picked up the kids on Sunday morning and walked with them to church. I think they had a good experience! :)

I love you all! I know that this church is true. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. I know he is my Savior. I cannot deny this. As in the words of Marclin Anthony and Abinadi, "I will not recall my words."


Elder Taylor Dayton

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