Monday, February 24, 2014

Miracle Week!

February 24, 2014

Dear all,

This past week was amazing!! We had tons of member lessons and I had a sweet exchange with Elder Call in my area, so I got/had to drive. There's a lot to tell you, so I gotta get right into it...


Elder Call came to Trinite with me on Friday and so I drove. Man, it's been 9 months (holy cow) since I've driven, and I HATE driving here! Caribbean drivers are insane and the roads are tiny!

The whole day we tried to go around finding new investigators and we had some success contacting and re-contacting. But when it came for our lessons, we didn't get to see the people we wanted. We got dropped/dumped by our oldest investigator, Van-Tse! She was amazing and she was so nice and she had such a nice husband and two beautiful little daughters, but she told us that she had made up her mind with religion and that she wasn't going to continue with us... :( I was distraught!!

Then we went up to the city Sainte-Marie and tried to see some people and failed. Then we went back to Beausejour and tried to visit more people... and failed. So we basically were out of things to do, and it was 6 PM, the worst time to run out of things to do! (Nobody likes hearing knocks at their door after 6.) So we decided to go contacting. I chose a building across the way that I had never been to, we went up to the top floor. I had Elder Call say a prayer and then we knocked on the first door... and #MIRACLE!!

We found the coolest little family! Their names are Cedric and Caytleen, and they have a 6-year old girl and a 18-month old boy. They just moved in 3 months ago, so they actually had never been contacted be the missionaries before! But they let us right in, we taught them the Restoration, and we told them about an amazing book that we have that can answer the questions of their soul! We didn't have one on us (#unprepared) so we set up an appointment to come back on Saturday night.


I'm back with Elder Lever at this point. We had a bunch of amazing lessons with Christina this week because she was back in town and staying with the Anthony's, who are some of my absolute favorite people (remember Jean-Jean, Jean-Marc, and Marclin?) But on Saturday we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then read Mosiah 18 with her, and the invited her to be baptized... she said YES!!! :)))) #MIRACLE We were pumped, she was excited, Marclin (her BF and our most recent convert that got baptized right before I got here) was happy, and Sister Anthony was like "Whoooo!!! Next it's a marriage in the temple!!" :) Haha it was so funny!! But anyway, we set the date for April 12th (still tentative on that) because she wants enough time for her family to be there (they're all Jehovah's Witnesses or 7th Day Adventists or something...) But I'm pretty sure she'll be baptized regardless of how accepting they are.

She's progressing so fast! She reads everything we give her in the BoM and understands so well! It's awesome! :) She just started at the beginning now and I bet she's just cruising through.

Jean-Jean (one of Soeur Anthony's sons) wearing my green tie that I gave him! He's so awesome! :) 

 Me and Marclin (Sister Anthony's son) and most recent convert to our group here in Trinite. He has a paralyzed arm. He had a major turnaround in his life to become a member. But now he's awesome! :) I love him so much!! He tries to speak English with us. He's actually really good at it too because his mom is from St. Lucia. He's hilarious!  #mybrotha


Elder Lever and I went to Cedric and Caytleeen's house and had an amazing lesson about the BoM! At the end we invited them to church and drew them a map for them to find it. (They are super close to us!) They said they wanted to come! As we were leaving, Cedric was like, "Are you pressed for time?.. We'd really like to see the church." And we were like, "COME ON OVER!!" (We were about to go clean it anyway.)

Our beautiful chapel where we hold church every Sunday except for Fast Sunday.

So they followed us in their car home and came inside and looked. They stayed for an awkward amount of time, and Elder Lever and I were hoping that they would leave, because we had a lot of cleaning to do, but they just stuck around for a good 15 or 20 minutes quietly. They were just soaking it in! It was so awesome!! The Spirit was so strong! We said goodbye to them, and they drove off, and Elder Lever and I got the church ready for the next day...


We had an amazing day at church! Elder Lever and I both gave talks again and we taught Sunday school again. Everything was perfect, except... 

Cedric and Caytleen and their kids never showed up. :( We were distraught--once again! We thought something had happened and they changed their minds. So we decided to go over in the afternoon to see them and find out what happened. We show up to their complex and their car is just sitting in their parking lot. We approached the door to go up the stairs... and it was LOCKED! We were so bummed, but just as we were about to turn around, we heard someone walking down, so we were going to just sneak in when they opened the door... And it was Cedric!! #MIRACLE He came down and he explained to us that when he went out to start the car in the morning, it made a big noise, and then wouldn't start! He had just gotten it fixed a while back, but he thinks they messed it up. They blew a fuse or something. He was actually coming down to look at the car, and we just happened to be standing at the door.

So when he found out that the car was like that, he called us to tell us to come and get his family! He got the answering maching, and left a message saying that they needed a ride. But we never got a call... so we never knew anything about the problem! But we would have definitely got them to church! He showed us on his phone to prove that he had called us, and that's when we figured out the problem... He used the wrong area code!! Our stinkin' phone is from Guadeloupe, so we have a different area code. And when he looked at the pamphlet they had with our number, he was used to having Martinique phone numbers and didn't notice the one number difference between 0690 and 0696... :/ We were all so bummed!! The devil is definitely trying to keep us from baptizing this family!

But we talked and got their phone number and invited them to church again. Sadly, chuch is down in Fort-de-France this week (about a 30 min drive) so it's a lot harder for people to go... :/ So we'll see if they can make it. If not, I bet they'll come in 2 weeks! But we're going to see them again on Tuesday night! I'm super excited for them! :) They are so prepared for the Gospel!

That's about it for our miracle week! I hope I'm not forgetting anything... As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about everything! :)


I love you all,
Elder Taylor Dayton

Us with our awesome neighbor Enzo. He just moved. This is when he came over to say goodbye. We'll miss our soccer buddy. :(

Hanstand on the beach. Anna, you better watch out! :) I'm still on my game.

We played soccer with the zone/district today at the beach.

I cut Elder Bodily's hair today, into a faux-hawk. :) I felt like I was back in high school! haha (Don't worry, I shaved it off.)

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