Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bonjour mes amis

February 17, 2014

Cette semaine passée Elder Lever et moi avons fait beaucoup de choses. J'aime mon collègue. Je ne sais pas ce dont je vais parler cette semaine...

I don't know what to really talk about but this week we taught a lot of people with "Jean" in their name, so I'll talk about them.

But, first of all...


3 missionaries left Mtq this past week and it was very sad to see them go! :( I got really close to them, but I know that they'll do great in their new areas. So that means we got 3 new ones too. The new ones are great missionaries though and they'll be great assets to the district! I'm excited to work with them! :)

Last week we hiked a little waterfall thing and we took a picture with some of the gang. Elder Lever and I are the only ones that stayed on the island though out of the people in that picture.


Jean-Claude is a guy that Elder Lever has only ever taught 3 times in his mission. I've been there for two of the times. So that just goes to show that this guy doesn't meet with us very often. But... he's so golden!! He is so ready for the gospel! He has two little kids and he's a handy-man. He used to live with his partner but he separated from her and bought a house for himself because they weren't married and he knew it wasn't right! How awesome is that?? Anyway, he didn't come to church yesterday which was too bad. But he understands that he needs to, and he knows that he needs to talk to us, so hopefully he'll be able to find the time for Elder Lever and I to teach him the Plan of Happiness and help him toward salvation! :)


Jean-Marc is the son of a member Soeur Anthony that lives really close to our house. He's about 31 I think and he's kind of having a tough life. He has kids with several different women, and he understands that he really needs to get things in order. Well he normally avoids the missionaries whenever they come around his house, but recently he's been warming up to us! Elder Lever and I finally sat down with him on Saturday and taught him a simple lesson. We learned a lot about him and he tolds us he wants to be baptized, but there is A LOT that he needs to take care of in his life first. So I'm super excited for that! :) I don't know if he'll ever get baptized in my mission, but I'm just super happy to see the changes that have occurred in his heart already. I love it! :)

JEAN-LOUIS (aka "Jean-Jean")

Jean-Jean is an other son of Soeur Anthony. He's 33 I think and he's handicapped. He's really tall and has a beard, and just looks like a normal guy (he's actually kind of intimidating!) But he has some mental disabilities, so he lives with his mom. He has trouble speaking and stuff like that but he's very well behaved and he's one of our most reliable sacrament-passers! Anyway... this past weekend his mom was out of town so he wasn't going to be able to come to church. But Elder Lever and I offered to walk him to church. So on Sunday morning, JEAN-MARC got JEAN-JEAN ready for when we got there to pick him up. It was great! Then we had a great church meeting where he prepared and passed the sacrament for us. Anyway, there isn't really a reason for why I am telling you this, but I love him to death! On Sunday night we visited Soeur Anthony after she got back into town and Jean-Jean said the first prayer I've ever heard him say. It was very slow and simple, but it was one of the most awesome prayers that I have ever heard! I feel like his relationship with his Father in Heaven is on a whole different level that I can't even understand. I gave him one of my ties at church yesterday as a gift. He was SO GRATEFUL and it made him so happy. But it made me even more happy!

So basically, I'm grateful for all of God's children, especially his special ones. I know that someday they will become perfect and will be able to communicate with us perfectly. I love Jean-Jean and I can't wait until the day when I can meet him in heaven and just talk to him...


We had a good lesson with him and a member this last week about the Book of Mormon. He's our only investigator that's progressing at this point, but at the age of 72, he's progressing at the perfect time in his life! He didn't come to church yesterday sadly but I think he'll be coming this next Sunday...

Other than those things this past week, not too much big happened. We're still looking for apartments. We're not having much luck with finding any, but it's not TOO big of a deal for Elder Lever and I because neither of us want to move anyway. haha

Elder Dayton

 Also, it snowed a little bit in Trinite today!!! Or I might have just scraped the ice out of the freezer...

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