Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zone Conference in Guadeloupe

January 27, 2014


We had a crazy busy week this last week and I did a ton of stuff! But there's weirdly not a ton that I have to talk about... Just kind of a plain old week. Hopefully I can remember everything...


We had Zone Conference on Guadeloupe on Wednesday. We flew there Tuesday night, and then came back home to Martinique on Wednesday night. It was a super short trip, but it was a lot of fun! In the Conference one of the biggest things I learned was in Sister Mehr's lesson about repentance. True repentance comes from FORSAKING our old ways. Then we try to BECOME something new. Baptism is a necessary step for the repentance process because the final REMISSION of sins comes from partaking of the sacrament. (There's more to it and I learned a lot more than just that, but I don't have my notes with me.) Then we had a great lesson taught to us by the assistants on asking inspired questions. It was perfect! It was just what I needed! I also had a great interview with President Mehr. He is so inspired. He gave me a lot of great advice on things I can do that will help me in every aspect of the work.


This last week I went on another exchange. I went into the Lamentin area with Elder Drennan to spend the day with him. We were on foot and took a lot of buses and had a pretty good day. Then our last lesson for the night was an appointment with two Jehovah's Witnesses (they're EVERYWHERE out here!) I hate arguing with people and I find myself to be quite patient most of the time. That definitely came in handy in our lesson with them. They were seriously so ridiculous! All they did was spend an hour and a half using science and articles trying to convince us that the Bible hasn't been changed. One of them was very cool and nice, and actually spoke English. The other one was really rude though. There was not one time during the whole night that I felt the Spirit while they were talking. They never bore testimony or even talked about they way they felt--they based everything on facts and brain knowledge. But it was just their personal interpretations of the facts, so none of it can even be proven to be true... At the end of the lesson I pretty much told them that it wasn't worth our time to continue with them, and I got them to accept a BoM from us and told them to read it. I'm absolutely confident that if they read it, they will not be able to find any faults. #crazyJWs


There were more things that happened this last week... I can't remember... OH YEAH! We had 3 baptisms on Saturday! The Elders in Sainte-Luce baptised three young kids. Two brothers (9 and 11) and a little girl (10). They're all the children of members, but they still count as convert baptisms. I got the chance to interview Kimberly and it was awesome! All three of the kids are so smart and have such strong testimonies! They already know twice as much as I did when I was that young.

Well, that's just about it for this week. Sorry, not too much happened. This week we should be back to serious work and discovering miracles around every corner! :) #getready

Je vous aime tous,
Elder Taylor Dayton

P.S. Elder Lever and I went for a run this morning. We decided to run up a hill in a field of sugar cane. Haha we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! It was super bumpy and covered in thick grass, so I was rolling my ankle all over the place, and Elder Lever definitely ate it and rolled one time! Haha we got super tired super fast, so it wasn't the best workout ever, but we had fun though! :) 

P.P.S. It's getting a little bit chilly here in Martinique! It dropped down to about 22 degrees this past week!! #celsius #sorrymom #badjoke :/

P.P.P.S. I forgot to talk about any of our work in Trinite! Elder Lever and I are rocking it! We're going big this next week and we're gonna try and set some baptismal dates. We think that Christina is going to accept one! :) We're pretty pumped for that!!

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