Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello from Martinique!

January 6, 2014

My favorite people! Hello!!

I made it to Martinique. I'm safe and sound! And I'm absolutely LOVING everything about it so far!! It's incredible. I don't have a lot of time, so I'm going to throw a bunch of information at you without proofreading anything, and I hope you can understand it all! D'accord? Bon...


Elder Lever is my new best friend for the next six weeks. I got kinda forced into it, but it's okay... Anyway, he's a 2013 Bingham High graduate--a Utah boy! (Holla!) He's been out 3 transfers now, which is one less than me. He's been in Trinité for his whole mission so far. He knows the area really well and can always find something effective to do. It's so great! He's extremely easy-going and we get along so well it's almost unreal. I'm already sad for the moment that he leaves me and I get a new companion. I love the guy to death!


That's right! I'm no longer on a bike! We have a super nice Chevy Cruze. It's the nicest car on the island I think. Fully stocked! It's so much more effeicient. We can go see anybody we need to whenever we want. I love the car so far. The only problem I can see with it is that I might get fat(ter).

Elder Dayton and Elder Lever in their Chevy Cruze


I love our area! It's so beautiful! It honestly is probably one of the most beautiful areas I've seen in Guadeloupe or Martinique. We have one of the biggest areas too. It covers a huge chunk of the northern half of the island. One of the best parts is that we live in a place called Beauséjour, which is on a peninsula, which means that both sides are covered by water. SO SICK!! The ocean here is gorgeous! We can even see the ocean from our house! And sometimes I even feel like I can hear it...


It's HUGE!! Since we live so far from the church in the big city, a few transfers ago, the missionaries got authorized to hold chuch in our area. So we just have a little group. And because of that, we had to buy the building where we would hold church. And that happens to also be our house. So yes, it's very big, and pretty nice.


It's more white than Guadeloupe... There are still mostly black people, but it's more Metropolitan-French than Gwada. I like it because I don't stick out as much as before.

It's also BEAUTIFUL here! Right now I'd say that it's more beautiful than Gwada. It's got more hills, and the big cities are less ghetto, and less crowded. I think it has better beaches too, but I don't really know for sure yet...

There is only one branch here. It's about 60-ish active members. Our group in Trinité usually has about 8 in attendance. Because of that, I will probably give a lot of talks, which I have not done yet on my mission... Gotta learn sometime!

Love from another island in the Caribbean,
Elder Taylor Dayton

PS I see Elder Russell ALL THE TIME! He picked me up at the airport and we've slept at his apartment twice now! When I got here, Elder Russell informed me that I'm also the new district leader for Martinique... That was a surprise! So there's that.

Elder Taylor Dayton
Residence Aigue Marine
Bat. A3 Appt. 7
Rue de la Dorsade
97200 Fort-de-France

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