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Going to bed in 2013, waking up... ON A NEW ISLAND!‏

December 30, 2013

Dear family and friends,

I'm getting transferred!!! This week I'll be going to MARTINIQUE! I'm super excited, a little bit nervous, and a little bit sad. I've been in my area since July, and I've really grown to love it. But now I get to experience a whole island of new adventures. I'll be serving in the area of Trinite with Elder Lever.


Not too much happened in Baie-Mahault. It was a normal proselyting week, except for we had P-Day on Christmas Eve to celebrate with all the missionaries in Guadeloupe. It was really fun! It was one of the best Christmas celebrations ever! :) We had TONS of food! It was a classic American style Christmas feast. I was stuffed! 

1275 - Our good friend Emily gave us all little stockings with Chocolate and a little Cutie inside. 

1283 - Our awesome/hilarious Zone Leader, Elder Tolman, entertained us with some Chubby Bunny. :)

One of my new best friends, Elder Bodily, was there to really pump up the party.

And we got to watch Monster's University after we ate!! It was AWESOME!! :) I miss movies so much!

At the end of the night we did a little tie exchange. :) I got Elder Pratt's old yellow paisley tie that he calls Azland.

After the party with the missionaries was over, we went over to a little party that some of our investigators were having. They are from Columbia, so they gave us Tomales and some other classic Latino food. And we ate it all out on their balcony, which overlooks the bay! It was delicious, but it was really uncomfortable to eat because I was still stuffed from the other feast we had! 

Me, Wade, Laura (holding her baby), Laura (again), and Stefany. They are so nice! I hope that one day they all get baptized!

On Christmas morning Elder Wade and I got up and opened up my package that I got from my family. I got the best gifts ever!

I got my transfer call on Friday, so that's when I found out that I was leaving my area. So over the last little while I've been trying to see as many members and investigators as possible and get some last little memories with them before I leave!

Funny Mami Odette holding some weird fruit/stuff that she stole from somebody's tree! I love this woman to death! She was so mad that I was leaving. She always threatens to beat me with her "baton," but she never actually does. :) I'm getting out of here without bruises luckily!

Another member Nancy. She saves us missionaries here on Guadeloupe! She works for OFII, the immigration process, so she makes sure that we all become legal without any problems.

Nancy's 11 y.o. son Kylian. He's a stud. He'll serve a mission someday.

Some random guy from a different branch traded me ties after church on Sunday. He was just like, "Cool tie, wanna trade?" And I was just like... "Sure!" Haha I got the lower end of the deal, it was a brand new tie, but it was definitely worth the moment! :) While we were taking the picture, he held his arm out and I had no idea what he wanted me to do with it, so I just gave him a fist bump. :)

 I'm really going to miss the Versailles family a lot! :(
Nadege was the first person I baptized. I'm gonna miss her a ton. She was my best friend!

I would have deleted this picture that Nadege took, but I kept it because it shows their shopping cart that they borrowed in the background. :) Classic!

Me and Carim

Me and Stan. 

Jocelyn! He should be getting baptized soon! He has a date set for March 1st.

   Mini Elder Daytons! :)

We also met a guy that raises roosters to do "cock fighting!" He's so awesome! His name's Tony. He gets his roosters from all over! The one I'm holding is from Puerto Rico, and it's worth about 900 Euros... NUTS! He trains them! :) hahaha They've gotta have strong muscles I guess!

 Editor's note: I guess cock-fighting is legal there?!

Anyway, that's all I have time for! Next time you guys hear from my, I'll be in Martinique! :) I'll be getting a new address too, so I'll get you that as soon as I know it.

Love you guys!
Elder Dayton

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