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Zone Conference this week!!

November 4, 2013

Bonjour everyone,

First off, I have to apologize. This is going to be a short email because I don't have very much time, and I'm using a French keyboard. I always use French keyboards, but usually they have the option of changing the arrangement of the letters in some of the settings, so I can type the way I'm used to typing, but today I don't have that option. For example, the M, A, Q, Z, W, X ,, ;, ., ', and a bunch of the other keys are in different spots!! So IĆ¹, sorry guys; youmre just going to hqve to beqr zith ,e this zeek...


This week is Zone Conference!! I'm super excited! I don't know how most missions are, but in our mission we only get to have Zone Conference once every two transfers. So we hardly ever get to see President Mehr in person. This is only my second Zone Conference, so I'm super stoked! It starts tomorrow, and all the missionaries from the other French islands, Martinique and St. Martin, are all coming to Guadeloupe! It's going to be a lot of fun because we get to see a lot of the other French Elders. The French side of our mission is only about 30-40 people I think, so it's like one big family! :) It's really cool because we know everyone very well!


Last week we decided to go for it and set baptism dates with four of our investigators... Annie and her son Rudgy were willling to accept the invitation to be baptized, but she's quite hesitant to make a commitment to set a date already. She's been to a lot of churches and she has a lot of doubts. So we're trying to get her to be able to come to our church to see how it is. The only problem is that she goes to her mom's house a lot of weekends, and she doesn't have a car either...

Adrian! I don't know if I told you about Adrian yet. He's super sweet! We found him contacting and he's one of the coolest guys ever! He has a hard time walking and is actually considered handicapped because of it. One of his femurs/hips didn't form correctly as he grew, so one leg is a little shorter than the other and he has a hard time walking sometimes. But he has the biggest heart!! He's a champion of the Caribbean at wheelchair basketball! He does a lot of work with underpriveleged and handicapped youth. He also does a lot of work to help handicapped people find jobs. He helped design an assembly line of some sort where blind people can actually have a job to make a salary! He's awesome! But even though he does all of this for other people, he lives the most humble life. He basically has nothing. His apartment is basically empty! It makes me really want to look at my life differently every time I talk to him... But we've been teaching him a little (about 3 lessons I think?) and he understands things really well. We gave him a BoM and he's been reading it. He still prefers the Bible, but he hasn't found anything he finds extremely weird in the BoM, so that's good! Next time we're planning on teaching him the Plan of Salvation. I'm super excited to teach him about our belief in resurrected bodies! I think that's something that could really touch him if we teach it right (with the Spirit, of course.) He's also not too opposed to the idea of being baptized again by the proper authority, but he hasn't accepted a baptism date yet either sadly... And he doesn't have a car either! Please pray for Adrian! He needs this Gospel in his life!

Jocelyn! Our last one is an investigator of about... 2 and a half years. He's already had about 3 baptism dates set, but he has failed his interview every time! He needs to find a new house, because he lives with people (a woman and her kids) that he is not related to. So, to be eligible for baptism, he has to move out. It's not so much a problem because he's in a relationship with anyone, but he's really poor and he needs his own home. He comes to church every week though and knows the gospel so well! Most people in our branch think he's already a member. He needs to get baptized so bad! We fasted with him yesterday to be able to find a house by the 7th of December. So we're going to work toward that date with him... Time flies on the mission, so hopefully we can work fast to get him in a different housing situation by then!

Thanks for all your love and prayers! :) You're in my prayers as well!

A la prochaine,
Elder Taylor Dayton

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