Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Companion

October 21, 2013

This has been a great week! I've gotten a new companion here in Baie-Mahault, we bought new helmets to replace our ancient ones, we made some really good cookies, and the Cardinals are playing the Red Sox for the MLB World Series!! :)


Elder Wade is great! He's my new companion now after an emergency transfer among several of the islands. As soon as he came in, we got to work. He brought in a whole new level of enthusiasm to the work, and we're really going to re-vamp the area! I know I keep saying this, but we're going to be working a lot with the branch now. Elder W had the idea and we made cookies this week for two families in our branch and they both loved it! One was a less-active family and the other was the family of a member that works with us every so often. The cookies were pretty good, but I think it's just the thought that, "The missionaries made us cookies!" is what really counts and really makes them happy! :) We already got one referral from doing that! Now we're just waiting to get contact with the referral.

Elder Wade having a geography lesson with some kids. They were talking about America, specifically Utah and Michigan (where the missionaries are from) and someone asked where Iceland was in the U.S. :)  So they got out a map....


It's been a long time since we had a lesson with W ... On Saturday, we had a ton of plans, but they all fell through (a missionaries daily expectation), so we biked ALL OVER and visited as many people as we could! Every person we could think of, we went to visit. So, we went over to W's house and she was like, "I can't meet with you guys right now, but come back tomorrow!" So, we went back on Sunday with a member of the Priesthood that speaks English (W speaks English), and it was a great lesson! Well, not really... Until the end, when our member said the prayer, he finished and W said, "I feel really satisfied when you pray." Then we asked when we could come back and teach her again and she returned the question, pointing at the member that was with us and said, "Any day works for me. When can YOU come back?" So we're going back on Tuesday night for our next lesson! It was nothing super magical, and she didn't commit to baptism or anything, but that just shows the magic that comes from member missionary work. :)

Aside from that... there's not many lessons that I really feel like I need to mention. F hasn't been able to meet with us in what seems like FOREVER! But I'm still really hopeful for him, so we're definitely not giving up! So now I'm going to answer a few questions that my mom asked:


How big is your branch? Is it called the Baie-Mahault branch? What do you do on Sundays there? Do you have specific duties, or is your job to support the members? Do the Bennions attend there too?

Our branch is called the Lamentin Branch, and we have an average attendance of probably about 80 members, which is the biggest of the three branches here on Guadeloupe. On Sundays, besides attending church, we just have a normal day of proselytying and finding people to teach. At church we just try and help out with the branch, giving our thoughts in classes, and helping out wherever we're needed. We try to sit by our investigators if we have any at church. I really like Sundays a lot because lots of people are home. Most businesses are closed on Sunday, so things are a lot less busy and it's a lot more quiet around. The Senior Couple, the Bennions, just attend whatever branch they want to I think! They're not in ours very often though because we don't need the support as much as the other branches.

Does it rain every day?

Not really... Some weeks have been pretty dry so I never see rain. We usually have at least a little rain every week, but I wouldn't say every day. But sometimes it pours! Lately, I've been seeing less and less rain though. We're starting to head into the "dry season."

Do you feel safe there?

I feel EXTREMELY safe here! Marijuana is illegal here and so are guns! I never feel threatened at all. The most threatening thing for me is just the weird looks people give me when I ride past them on my bike and wave. Haha maybe I'm just naive and I don't really notice the real dangers... but as far as I know, I'm pretty safe!

Avec beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Taylor Dayton

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