Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Work Continues

November 18, 2013

Hello everyone! :)

I hope it's been a good week for all of you! It has been for me! We got our transfer calls on Saturday... and I'm training! Her name is Sister Jackson!... just kidding... I'm staying in Baie-Mahault with Elder Wade! Feels good to not have to worry about learning a new area or a new companion. My wish is to get a baptism in Baie-Mahault before I leave! Looks like I'll be spending my Christmas here in Baie-Mahault with Elder Wade for one more transfer! :)


Adrian came to church yesterday!! And he loved it too! :) He's great! He's a man of his word for sure. When he told us a week and a half ago that he was going to come to church on the 17th, he wasn't lying! He came with a member in our branch who is great! It's so nice to have such a good branch who loves to help fellowship new members. Missionary work doesn't work very well with missionaries alone. One of our members even took him to a single adult fireside, which he also loved!

Now we're trying to get him to accept a baptismal date. We're kind of hard-pressed on time, because he's potentially moving back to Bordeaux, France at the end of December. So we really need to start taking care of business so that he doesn't slip through the cracks.

I told him about my awesome mom in the MoTab too, and he thinks that's so cool! :) He doesn't even know what the MoTab is yet, but I'm going to give him one of those CDs that you sent me mom. So thanks! That'll be perfect! :) I'm also going to give him one of the many ties that you've also sent me to match his colorful, striped dress shirt that he has! :) I love him so much! He's such a sweet investigator! I just hope that he can have the Spirit testify that these things are true so that he doesn't continue to overanalyze all of our teachings. Please pray for him!


We also had an old mami come to church yesterday. Her name is Marie. She was a referral from another mami, Mami Odette (the lady who gave me the weird orange mush stuff/food that I shoved in my bag.) They're both Haitian, so in the lesson, they just talked Creole the whole time! I could follow a little bit, but it was really hard. But she ended up finding a way to church with Mami Odette, when neither of them have a car! Kind of a miracle I guess... :) But I honestly don't know how she'll progress. I hate to say it, but she's almost too old and too hard to teach that I don't know if we'd ever be able to teach her effectively enough to help her build a testimony. But we won't give up!! :)


One of the biggest problems we've run into now that "winter" is here, is the fact that the sun sets at like 5:45. Then after that, people start going to bed! It's super weird! I think it's a Caribbean thing. With our daily schedule, we normally didn't get out the door until 12:00, which is exactly when the siesta hours start here. So basically, we'd get out the door right as people were closing theirs.

So, then comes the solution! We rearranged our schedule! Now we leave our apartment at 10:00 AM, then we go and find new investigators until 12:00, then we do our language study and eat lunch! It's so much better! :) We've only been doing it a few days now, but we have already seen a huge difference in the quality and quantity of our contacts.

One of the new investigators we have that is worth mentioning is named Laura. She's actually from Colombia, so she speaks Spanish too (Elder Wade speaks Spanish), and she lived on St. Martin for 5 years, so she speaks English too (I speak English)! It's great! :) We contacted her and set up a return appointment to give her a Book of Mormon and explain our message. When we returned, her daughter Stephanie was home as well! We taught them the Restoration and they received it pretty well! We're going to try to get them to church this week. I'm really excited for them! They're super nice! We've only taught them one time, but they already invited us over to their house to eat dinner with them on Christmas! Hopefully that means that they're planning to stick with us for a while! :)

6 MONTHS??!!

This week will mark my 6th month in the mission. Weird!! My mission is 25% complete already! And next week is Thanksgiving! I'm kind of sad that I don't get any snow for the holidays. :( It's always hot here! It's starting to cool down just an itty-bit though, so sitting in our apartment for studies isn't too bad anymore.

That's about all that's worth going on about for this week. I'll let you guys get back to whatever you were doing before. :)

Love you to the end of the earth!

Elder Taylor Dayton

 For P-Day today we went to Deshaies again. We went to a classic French "boulangerie" (bakery) and got sandwiches, then went out on a dock to eat them. Elder Wade fell in love with his chicken sandwich. Elder Bodily (he's super sweet!) and I took a couple selfies while Elder Wade thought we were taking pictures of him. Haha! Then there's Elder Glover too. My feet ended up getting pretty sunburned!

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