Friday, October 11, 2013

Fun Photos

October 11, 2013

Mom's note: Elder Dayton sends lots of photos, which we LOVE, but there isn't always a way to share them all... So this post is simply that--sharing some of the photos sent from the most handsome missionary on the planet!

From our activity at the beach in Deshaies, on 9/9/13. It was absolutely gorgeous there!! I didn’t actually eat the crab, so don’t worry; :)


On our way to do a service project in Pointe Noire, we drove through the National Park and it is so beautiful! The man is Frere Desir and that’s his little truck that I love.

Kareem and I. We were on our way over to a members house with him and an investigator for a lesson, and he was just like, "I'm getting on!" So we rode over like that. He acted like he'd done it thousands of times! It was so funny. I loved it!

The next are at a house of a friend of a member's... The member was staying there for the week while the owner was on vacation... Oh my gosh! At least a million Euro house! It was gorgeous! It was built by a civil engineer! :) I don't think we'll be able to afford to rent/find anything like that here in Guadeloupe after I come home. It was super sweet though! The car is an old Ford Mustang. The only Mustang I've ever seen here on Guadeloupe. Probably worth a fortune!

The worst door contact I've ever had... Mostly because there isn't a door! It's the weirdest thing ever! It's a staircase that leads to a wall. There's literally nothing there except graffiti!

At the Desir house. Frere Desir is cutting us some fresh coconuts to drink and eat.

9/30/13: We found an abandoned ship in Baie-Mauhalt by accident today! We played soccer with the zone in the morning. After, we were reading scriptures with the zone down by the sea, then we went for a walk and discovered it! It was super cool! I don't know what it's from, but it's super old and rusty. We went inside and climbed around on it. I don't know if it was the safest thing to do... but we're all fine! 

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