Friday, October 11, 2013

Almost Done With Training!!

September 30, 2013

Thanks, thanks, thanks for everyone out there who writes to me, emails me, reads my blog, thinks about me, and prays for me. I have some of the best support out of anyone I know! I have the best friends and family out there! It's really hard for me to not be able to talk to you guys more. I feel like I should be thanking you more, and I wish I could so badly! But finding time on the mission to be able to sincerely thank everyone is almost impossible. So this is just a thank you to everyone out there who reads this. I love you all! :)


Last week was exhausting! I don't know what it was, but it wore me out! It's been a lot hotter than normal. It hasn't rained in a while either. We're supposed to be in hurricane season!! What the heck! And I think we biked a lot more this past week. We went to a less active that lived outside of our area. She told us to ride our bikes to a grocery store about 25 minutes from our house, and she'd give us directions from there. Then we called her, she told us to take a left at the round-about, then go straight until we got to the Catholic church on the left, and she just lived right past that. So we went... and went... and went uphill... and went up-mountain... for 30 minutes!! Basically 30 minutes straight of strenuous pedaling! I was dying! Then we got there and she didn't have all the right parts for the weed-eater, so we couldn't do anything for her... So we talked for a little bit about her rebellious life and then left. The ride back down the mountain was pretty fun. :)

On Friday we had our first English Class! It was at the new chapel. It's not open for church yet, but we can still go inside and do little get-togethers. The sisters couldn't come so Elder G and I were by ourselves. We biked to the church, set everything up, planned our whole lesson, and waited... and waited. Nobody showed up! It was a total bummer. Better luck this Friday I guess! Haha we need to tell more people about it I think. If any of you who read this want to learn English, come to the white industrial building in Arnouville, Guadeloupe on Friday nights at 6:00 PM! :)


This last week has been tough. I had to take charge in all of the planning for each day and for every lesson. It was hard, but I did it! I liked being able to call the shots. It was good preparation for me I think. Next week is the end of my training, so I could be getting a new companion, and he could be a brand new missionary! There are 6 new ones coming in, and there are 10 elders that could be trainers next transfer. That means I could be the one that's supposed to know how to speak French, know all the investigators, and know how to not get lost! I'm super scared to find out what's going to happen! We'll probably get our transfer calls on Tuesday. I've been preparing myself to be a trainer, just in case it does happen.

Elder G will probably be leaving Baie-Mahault next week. We haven't heard anything, but that's usually what happens. He did his training here, then he trained me, so he's already been here for 6 months. So we're getting ready for him to leave. I'll be sad to have him go! We had some tough times for sure, but we're really good friends now! I feel like the distance we've come in our relationship is amazing! The credit goes to both of us for learning how to deal with each other, by changing ourselves first. We had some good companionship inventories that really helped us a lot. If you're just honest and express yourself sincerely without trying to destroy the other person, you can work wonders. It helps to finish what you have to say by telling them things you like about them and things they're doing well, then they're a lot more likely to take to heart all of the things you said before that too.

Things are going well here! The work is steadily moving forward! Keep loving life everyone! If you ever feel like you could use a little more happiness and joy, read the Book of Mormon!

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