Monday, September 2, 2013

The work moves forward!

September 2, 2013

First off...


Transfers happened last week. I'm still with Elder Galati in
Baie-Mahault. But there are 6 elders coming in next transfer! So I could
very very likely be training, as Elder Galati is very likely to leave.
I'm scared to train though... I'm not ready at all!


Finally!!! It was on Saturday! Things were frantic up until the
meeting started, but everything got done, and it was a good service. I
had the opportunity to baptize Allan. He's the youngest one in the
picture. He's 9 years old. He's so cool though! I love him!

Sonia is really scatterbrained all the time, and she struggles with
keeping appointments. For example, all the previous baptism dates. Oh
yeah, and last week we didn't have it because of a miscommunication
with the clothing. In French, the difference between, "Make sure you
all have white underwear for the baptism," and "Make sure you all have
white clothes for the baptism," is one tiny little word. So,
basically, she called us that morning and told us that she couldn't
get baptized that day. Then, we later found out from her member who is
a neighbor, that there was a miscommunication on the dress code.

Sadly, her 3 kids that just got baptized are all moving back in with
their father (non-member, slow-moving investigator, won't get baptized
because he won't marry his girlfriend, but not opposed to the gospel)
for the school year, so Sonia won't have them around anymore. We hope
we can make sure they all stay strong in the gospel and united as a
family in the church. The branch really needs to make sure that Sonia
is retained. She was as ready as she could be for the baptism, but her
life has so many different paths it could take, that we really need to
make sure she's on the right one at all times.


As you have heard, we had a mission-wide fast to be able to have more
lessons taught to member referrals. We decided to fast with the Desir
family. They are so great! It is the two parents and their 12 year old
son Diemjy. They just got baptized back in 2011, but they love the
gospel! They are quite poor, so the gospel means everything to them.
So we hope that we can work with them to get some of their friends to
become investigators. I love this family so much! They've done more
for us missionaries since I've been here than the whole branch put
together! It's really amazing and sad at the same time. The father and
the son will definitely be getting a couple of ties from Elder Dayton
before he leaves Baie-Mahault.

Frere Desir: He is about 5"5' and he loves the missionaries. He is
willing to work with us just about any time unless it's during his
afternoon nap. He has a tiny little truck with a big tent cover over
the bed and two wooden benches, so it's basically his bus. Haha I've
ridden to a lot of lessons in the back of that truck with him. I love
it! He's very kind and soft-spoken, and he's still learning the gospel,
but he has a huge heart!

Soeur Desir: She's about 5"10' and twice the size of Frere Desir.
She's extremely shy, and we only recently found out that she is from
Dominica, so her native language is English! That's awesome! She cooks
for us all the time! In the last 8 days, she's fed us 5 times. I've
eaten fish (I'm all in on this mission thing now!!) and chicken and
spaghetti with ketchup, Columbo, what I thought was roast beef (it was
actually goat) and rice, fried chicken with french fries (not so good
on my stomach), and calf foot. The calf foot was the weirdest thing
ever! It's pretty much a bone with a tube of fat around it, which is
the meat that you're supposed to eat. It was a soup and Elder Galati
and I were eating it, and when we got done she said, "You don't like
the meat?" I knew that was coming... So I, being a champ, ate the
whole thing! Haha I scarfed it down fast so I wouldn't have time to
think about it. That's how I handled the fish too. Elder Galati said
that he's hardly ever eaten at their house before I got there. I think
they just must really like me! :)

Diemjy Desir: He's 12 years old and he's like my best friend! He's
almost as tall as me, and sometimes I forget he's only 12. Yesterday I
helped him get his binders and stuff ready for school. He's really
excited for school to start. Summer is boring for him. Their family is
too poor to travel, so he doesn't have much to do. He was a little
worried about school to start, so he asked me if we could give him a
blessing. We graciously accepted, but we had Frere Desir do it because
he is the father. I love Diemjy a lot. I hope that I can leave a good
impression on him so that he'll want to serve a mission. So far, I
think I've been doing well. He wants to work with us more.

Their house: Like I said, they're very poor. I would send you pictures
of their living conditions, but I don't want you guys to worry about
me too much... Haha just kidding, sort of. Don't worry, they're very
clean. They just don't have a lot of room to put all their stuff. They
basically live in half of a house and they put up a wall in the middle
so that another family could live in the other half. It's...


I don't know if I've told you guys about Winnifred yet! Since Sonia
and her kids all got baptized, and none of our other investigators
have been keeping commitments, Winnifred is our only progressing
investigor at the moment. She's awesome! We found her a couple of
weeks ago while we were talking with a contact. He had to go get
something from his mom's friend's house, so we biked over there with
him. We rode our bikes a long way, and we thought we were wasting our
time because he didn't really understand our message, but that's how
he led us to Winnifred. We got there and met her and she was super
excited to see us! She told us, "I'd love to study the Bible with you
guys!" So we were just like... "Okay! When can we come back?" She told
us, "Anytime!" and she gave us some juice. She's from Dominica, which
is a little English-speaking island just south of us. She only speaks
English and Creole, so we can't really teach her in French. So we got
her all of the reading material in English, and she really wants to
learn more about our church. She really understands that if she wants
to know the truth, she has to receive an answer from God. It's
awesome! I extended the baptismal invitiation to her and she said that
she couldn't say yes yet, but she couldn't say no either and that
she'd have to learn more and pray about it. Perfect!! The only problem
is that she doesn't have a car. Luckily a member woman lives pretty
close by. I'll keep you updated on her! Also, since Soeur Desir is
Dominican, she's a great member friend for her to have! We've had her
in one lesson with us, and it was great!

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