Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Dear Grandma...and lots of service!

September 9, 2013


On Thursday I got a call from my mission president telling me that my grandma had passed away. It caught me completely off guard. I had no idea it was coming. I was extremely devastated, as one would expect, but I have felt the Spirit testify to me that my grandma is in a better place now and that she’s doing the exact same work in the Spirit World that I’m doing here in Guadeloupe.

In Alma 40:11-12, we learn that spirits rest in the Spirit World in a state of peace and rest until the resurrection. In D&C 138, we learn about how the Gospel is preached in the Spirit World. As I read through these scriptures, I could feel the Spirit so strongly in the feeling of reassurance that my grandma is doing alright, she’s working hard, and she wants me to be happy.

I’m so grateful for her and her example for me. She was an outstanding missionary that served several missions, and she always loved sharing her experiences with me. I hope that one day I can become as great of a missionary as her.

Elder Dayton with his Grandma and Grandpa Seely after receiving his endowment in the Bountiful Temple.


On Wednesday and Thursday it was POURING rain! On Wednesday, we were on our way home in the middle of the afternoon so that Elder Galati could use the restroom. We were about a 4 minute bike ride from our house when it started to rain pretty hard. So we decided to stop and wait it out under a little bus stop. We were getting wet even under the covered bus stop! The road was so covered with water that when cars would drive by, their tires would make little tidal waves of water that would soak our feet. After just sitting there for about 30 minutes, there was no end in sight, so we booked it home. I made the bike ride in about 2 minutes, but when I got home I had to wait for Elder Galati, who was a little ways behind me. By the time I got inside I was completely soaked! My shoes were filled with water and my tie was dripping. After that we hung up our clothes and waited out the storm… the rest of the night. It was my first time ever getting stuck in doors because of rain. I love having a bike most of the time, but not so much that day.


On Tuesday we did service with all the missionaries at our new chapel. It’s sadly still not done… it should be in a few weeks though! We cleaned and set up all the rooms.

On Saturday we poured cement for a member in another branch. Everyone there was from our branch except for the man who owned the house and the missionaries from his branch. It was a long day of service, but I learned a lot and had fun. My neck and nose got way sunburnt though!

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