Thursday, August 15, 2013

Interview with Elder Dayton

In the last couple of letters, Elder Dayton has answered some questions I've had. We've asked lots of questions in our letters, but their e-mail time is limited and so very precious. It worked a lot better for me to just list them. Here's our "interview".

How big is your district and zone?
District = 8, Zone = 16

Do you like the Mehr's?

How was your Zone Conference?
 It was great! It was with Elder J Devin Cornish. I actually got to have an interview with him instead of President Mehr. It was so cool! He's a very intelligent man.

Have you met Elder Gamiette?
Yes! We had a family council with them! He's very nice.

Do you have a branch mission leader that's helping you find people to teach?
Eh... not really. It stinks. All the good men in the ward have really high callings like Branch President, District Council, Elders Quorum, etc... So they really don't have anyone to call as a branch mission leader.

Are you on a bike?
Yes! My legs are so strong! Haha I can easily outride Elder Galati already! I climb hills like they're nothing. I have one of the more flat and smaller areas though... So I'm all talk right now.

How is the language coming?
The language is getting better. I still feel uncomfortable at times, and I feel like a have a very long way to go. But if I were to compare myself now to where I was when I first got here, I would have to say I've improved a lot. Things are coming slowly but surely. I am now confident that I will know how to effectively communicate sooner or later. Whenever I feel discouraged about my language abilities, I just think back to how much I struggled at the beginning and it makes me feel a little bit better.

Why is "Dayton" hard to understand in French?
It's just a weird name to them. If they read it, it's not quite as hard. But hearing it, they have no idea what I'm saying!

Where do you do laundry?
We have a washer in our apt! We have to hang our clothes on drying racks though. That kinda stinks.

What size bed are you sleeping on?
Twin bed. The mattress is okay... But I sleep like a baby!

Have you been fed by any members? What did you eat?
We have a Tahitian family that's fed us a few times! They're great. They LOVE to make food and lots of it! They were disappointed in me because I don't eat nearly as much as the last Elder that was in my place.

I had my first experience hiding food in my backpack last week! I don't even know what it was!!! It was with a less-active member. She looks like Whoopi Goldberg's long-lost twin! She's a Creole lady (similar to a rastafarian) and only speaks Creole around me because she thinks it's funny when I don't know what's going on. She has a Creole nickname for me and the French to English translation is something like "Dat Lil' Missionary There." We were going to a teaching appointment with her and she decided to feed us before going. So she gave us some food that was super nasty! It was this orange mush stuff with what looked/smelled/tasted like chunks of dried rotten fish in it... I choked about half of it down, then I felt like I was going to throw up. So I scooped it off the plate into a paper towel on my lap when she wasn't looking, then wrapped it up and threw it in my back back! It was probably the smoothest operation I've ever done in my life! But when your life depends on it, you can do amazing things! I have to admit though, my heart was pounding and I was sweating bullets!

What IS magic sauce?
Haha it's some type of Thai Chicken Spicy Sauce we bought at the store. It's really good! Kind of like sweet and sour, but a little bit more spicy.

Is fresh fruit plentiful there?
Honestly, I don't eat very much- my comp doesn't like to buy fruit. We get a lot of juice though! The juice is good! It's a brand of the Caribbean called Banga.

Are you adjusting to the climate?
It is so hot and humid here! Mostly humid though... It's only about 85 degrees, usually. But the humidity here kills you! You're just wet all the time! I don't think I'm even really sweating that much, it's just that the water in the air sticks to your body and you're pretty much always walking around in moist clothes. When you're somewhere cool though, it feels really nice because it cools you off. At night whenever we come in from tracting, we sit down to do our planning and we're just soaked! It's good though. I'm used to it. I shower every night and morning.

What side of the road do they drive on?
The right side! In Trinidad it was the left side. But in France, it's the right side!

What's your daily schedule?
Wake up at 6:30, I do push-ups and then shower, get dressed, eat at 7:30, personal study at 8, companion study at 9, language study at 10, twelve-week training course at 11, eat at noon, then go proselyte!

I love this gospel! I know it's true. It is the ultimate blessing for families. I love the Book of Mormon! We get lots of study time every day: personal, companion, language, and training. I get to read a lot from the scriptures, but I wish we got more time to read it on our missions!

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