Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New foods, and Good News!

August 19, 2013


This week has been pretty disappointing. We have been working really hard, but our investigators haven't been so much. The investigators we have that have been progressing are starting to slow down. And this week, the investigators that are still in progress, were unable to meet with us very often. It's very disappointing when you set up an appointment with somebody and bike all the way to where they live, and they're not even home, or too tired to meet with us. It's even more disappointing when we bring members to those appointments! So we haven't had a lot of very good lessons this week. We hope to find new investigators that are strong so that we can start having more lessons. It's summer vacation here, and French people take their vacation time very seriously. So hopefully after that's all over people will start to be home more often and willing to listen to us.


Our branch is getting a new meetinghouse! We're so excited! It should be in use this Sunday! We were thinking that we could use it as a good finding idea. We thought maybe we could make flyers to hand out to contacts and invite them, and our investigators, to come worship with us on Sunday or take a tour of the building. We don't have a lot of resources in terms of computers and printers, but hopefully we can figure something out. 


This last Tuesday Elder G and I parked our bikes at a members house, then walked to a little strip mall to be picked up by the senior couple who were going to take us down to Capesterre for our district meeting. As we were wating, we went inside a little store and got two really good contacts! It was the store owner Louisa and her son Loic. They were really interested in our message and really kind. We didn't have enough time to get her phone number or exact address, but we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her a little bit about it. We're going to go back to the store to follow up. She's a practicing Seventh Day Adventist. We decided we'd try to go back to the little shop on Saturday, but we forgot that's their Sabbath! Haha so it was closed. We'll try again later this week.

Then after district meeting, as we were walking back to our bikes, a guy waved us down and pulled over right in the middle of a busy round-about, just to talk to us!! We went over to him and he asked us if we had a website! His name is Bango and he wants to do some genealogy work and he heard that we're the right church to talk to. He gave US his phone number, and we found out he lives close by. We're going to visit him this week! I hope we can help him find his ancestors, but I also hope we can help him find the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't really know very much about genealogy, but we're going to bring a member with us that can hopefully help. I'm really excited because it was a contact that came to us! Hopefully things work out!


Mom, last week you got mad at me because I haven't tried a lot of the fresh fruit here. You must have gotten in contact with some of the people here or something, because this last week I've gotten to try 4 new types of fruits! 

The first one was a fresh guava. It was beautiful! You eat the whole thing, skin, seeds, and all. The seeds are REALLY hard, and it kinda hurts your teeth. (I think that's why they usually blend it up and put it in drinks.) That was way good! 

The second one was a "pomme cannel." I think they're called sugar apples in the US. They're really weird looking. You pull them open and there are just a bunch of little slippery seeds. You pop them in your mouth, suck off all the fruit, then spit out the seeds. They're SO sweet! I ate half of one and I felt like I was going to overdose on sugar! I loved it!

Then I got to eat a fresh coconut. Mmmmm! It was delicious! I drank some of the juice too. It was good. I liked it more than the first time when I had it in Hawaii. I still have a little bit of the coconut in the fridge that I'm saving for later.

The last fruit I ate was a mango. I got here right when mango season ended, so I never got to eat one! But luckily, Mami Odette found out that I hadn't tried it yet, so she gave me one that she was storing in her freezer. It was SOOO GOOOD!! I can't wait til mango season comes around again. Apparently there are so many, that people just wanna get rid of them, so members give them to you all the time!


You might remember the story of how I had to hide some nasty food in my backpack. That was at a member's house named Mami Odette. Well, this last Saturday, she had us over because we asked her to teach us how to cook rice (with flavor). I was a little bit nervous because of my previous experience... It was a Haitian recipe she knew. The rice was cooked with coconut juice, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. We also had chicken. They were deep fried drumsticks that had citrus, spices, onions, and some other stuff.  It was delicious! It ended up being the best thing I've eaten since I've gotten here!!

Last night I also made some crepes at a members house for a lesson we were having. Let's just say I need a little practice with making crepes... haha But I wrote down the recipe and I'm going to try again later, because they were way good!


Sonya told Elder G at church yesterday that she wants to be baptized! We're very excited! We're going to schedule her an interview with the District Leader, and hopefully everything works out this time. We're going to shoot for this Saturday! I'm not going to be completely satisfied with it until she has been baptized and confirmed... We'll work with her a lot this week and hopefully have some members over with us to help teach. Her 3 children are going to be baptized as well, so it will be great to have 4 brand new members in our branch! The oldest son is Christopher, and he's 15. I would love to see him go on a mission someday!

Well thanks everyone for all your prayers and support. This week is going to be tough! We don't have a lot of lessons, and so we're going to be doing everything we can to stay busy! Please pray for us to be in the right place at the right time so that we can talk with the people that the Lord has been preparing for us!

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