Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello from Trinidad!

July 16, 2013

Dearest loved ones,

I'm here! I'm safe! The island is BEAUTIFUL!! We got in late last night, so I couldn't see very much. I woke up this morning and went out on the balcony (we have a balcony!!), and I took some awesome pictures! I'll have to send them to you some other time when I have my memory card. Right now I'm in the mission home with the rest of the new missionaries. Where we slept last night wasn't the mission home though, it was just a vacation rental somewhere here in Valsayn. It's gorgeous! There's a pool out in the backyard, and it kills me every time I see it! We're going through a bunch of orientation stuff, but I already feel like a pro because I've already been on a mission! :) haha

I'm NOT going to Martinique! Kind of a bummer... Elder Russell and I won't get to see each other for a little bit. The reason I got a flight itinerary for Martinique is because they needed some type of "proof" that I would only be in Trinidad as a visitor. So I won't be serving on that island... Or on Saint Martin... Or on French Guiana... I'll be serving on Guadeloupe!! I'll be in the Lamentin area! My trainer is named Elder Galati. He's American and he hasn't been out very long. I'm pretty sure he's been out for less than a year. That's pretty much all I know about him! And I don't really know anything about the area either, but I'm sure it'll be great!

There's one more French elder here that none of us knew in the MTC. He was in the Advanced Language Zone, like me, but he got his visa in time because he went to San Francisco BEFORE he came into the MTC (they must have learned from their mistakes with me... haha). It's all good though. I had AMAZING experiences in Louisiana! I wouldn't have had it any other way! But the other elder here is Elder Glover from New Mexico. He's super sick! He loves baseball!! He might know more about it than I do! He was updating me on some of the stuff going on with the Dodgers rookie, Yasiel Puig. He sounds like the real deal!! Anyway, I'm getting off topic... Elder Glover and all the rest of the new French missionaries are going to Guadeloupe except for one, Elder Johnston... Super weird. I've heard from multiple sources (mom + the assistants down here) that there were going to be 4 new elders going to Martinique, but there is only one! Oh well, I guess that's just another unexpected change in plans. Haha it must be some type of curse I have or something! Nothing ever works out the way I expect it to! It's fine though. I have no bitter feelings toward anything that has come my way yet.

I love you all! I hope you're having as much fun in the United States as I am in the West Indies!

Elder Dayton
The new West Indies missionaries that arrived July 13, 2003

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