Saturday, June 1, 2013

The District

I'm here at the MTC! I'm safe, and I'm doing well! It's not nearly as bad as some people were making it sound. The food is good, the environment is good. I'm just really tired all the time... we all are though, so I don't really worry. 

My companion is elder Squires. He is really cool! He went to American Fork High School. He is going to Tahiti, speaking French and Tahitian. He already knows French because he took a lot of French through high school and college. He isn't necessarily fluent, but he speaks it extremely well. He is mostly here to learn the gospel French vocabulary. We have gone running both mornings we have been here. It feels good, but I hope it isn't wearing me out for the rest of the day. He'll be here two weeks for French, then another 6 weeks for Tahitian. Tahiti missionaries are in the MTC the longest (usually 11 weeks) because they have to learn two languages.

"My companion, Elder Squires and I. He's from American Fork. He ran track and cross country and wrestled. He went to Utah State for two semesters. He's 18 until August! He's our district leader! He's really obedient, so it's easy to be his companion."
In my district there are 6 of us. We have Elder Chavez from St. George (born in El Salvador) going to McKellan(sp?), Texas, spanish speaking. Then there is Elder Kikuchi from Orem (lived in Japan for 6 years) going to Fukuoka, Japan. Then there is Elder Finau (from Tonga) going to Colorado Springs, English. Then there is Elder Inuka'haangana(sp?) from Tonga as well. None of us can say his name, so we call him Elder Inu. He's going to Richmond, Virgina, English. Then Elder Squires and me.

Elders Inu, Chavez, Squires, Dayton, Kikuchi and Finau.

Our whole district (10, with sisters) and zone (about 30 total?) is in the Advanced Language class (ADL). It seems like it is meant more for people that are already fluent in the second language, because everybody is. I'm feeling a little over my head here, because Elder Squires and I are the only white people in our zone!! (besides Elder Kolega, but he's Croatian) Most of the people in our zone are learning English, and they already speak English!! Only 4 of us are Americans, born in America. Elder Kikuchi and Sister Cheung (parents are from Hong Kong, she was born in California) are the two others. I am definitely the farthest behind in terms of learning the language, but I'm not worried because this is where the Lord wants me right now...

Gotta go! I'll write more in a little while...

Elder Dayton

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