Saturday, June 1, 2013


June 1, 2013

Thanks so much for the birthday package! :) Now I have more food than I can even eat. I'll share it with my district. My birthday was good...A little different, but good. It was so busy that I didn't even get to open all my packages! I kind of hate how busy we are...30 minutes each day just to write letters would be really nice! haha

The MTC is good, but it's really stressful. We work all day long. We're the only advanced language zone in the whole MTC, and I'm the most out-of-place person here. They don't give us any time to study our languages, and we don't get any language instruction at all! I think the ADL zone (Advanced Language) is supposed to be for people who are fluent in the the language they're learning. It's okay though because this is where I'm supposed to be. I don't know why yet, but I've met some of the most awesome people! They're from all over.

Elder Zukela (zone friend) is from South Africa! He's really funny. I think he's going to Atlanta. He eats a ton of junk food and sleeps a ton! But he is really smart and loves the gospel. His excuse for sleeping is that he is receiving "revelation." Haha
Elder Malu (zone friend) is from Tonga, going to Atlanta! He is one of my favorite new friends! He's one of the nicest guys ever. He's really soft-spoken and has an amazing testimony. I love him to death. During gym time he saw some people playing with a frisbee, and he was all like, "Ahhh!! A frisbee!" He had never even touched a frisbee in his life, but I got to play with him for his first time! :) Cool experience.

Elder Inu and I! He's definitely one of my favorite people I have met here. He's 23 from Tonga and he's already an amazing missionary. His English isn't great, but I think he's going to convert millions of people in Richmond, VA. I love it when he says my name because it sounds like he's saying my first name. Apparently there's no "D" in Tonga, so it sounds like he's saying "Elder Tay-duh." I also like it when he says "Zukela is sleeping so he can receive more REL-EVATION!" hahaha

Elder Finau is from Tonga, going to "Colorado Colorado Spring"
(he doesn't know there's an "s" at the end! :) haha)

Elder Debora from Mexico City! He has the coolest story... His family basically disowned him for going on a mission. He's so funny, and so nice! He gave me a gift before he left and invited me to his summer home in Mexico after the mission! haha I love him a lot!

Elder De Castro is from Brazil. He's going to Mesa! He's awesome! Really cool! His english is really good! Haha I thought he was Australian when I first met him.

Elder Chavez is from St. George Utah, born in El Salvador. He's going to McAllen, Texas. He's super cool! If I were to predict right now, out of the Utah Elders in my district, he's the one I'll probably hang out with after my mission.

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