Saturday, June 1, 2013

Au revoir!

Au revoir, Elder Dayton!

The night before....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This was a somewhat stressful, but good day, ending with an amazing experience at the Stake Center when Taylor was set apart as Elder Dayton by his Stake President, Kyle S. McKay. Before that, we had some friends/neighbors over for a going away/birthday celebration. It was fun to get many of Taylor's friends together, one last time in a long while, to BBQ and enjoy each other's company. Taylor was a little stressed, trying to get a video put together of an "event" he was involved in late that afternoon - he and some of the guys crashed Amy Doxey's bridal shower and "entertained." If you want to see them in action, pull up the Giddy Up! video on Facebook. Need I say more?

Taylor with our neighbors,Sister Boston Workman,
her mom, Carrie and little sister Reagan.
Sis. Workman is going to the
Washington Spokane mission.
They received their calls the same day.

Elder Dayton and Sister West,
after both were set apart.
They entered the MTC
the same day.
Greg Sadler (Nebraska Omaha)
Parker Jones (New Zealand Auckland)
Taylor (West Indies)
Lexie West (Hawaii Honolulu)
Nate Hill (Argentina Neuquen)
Norm Adams (Brazil Belo Horizonte)
Notice how the guys were careful with Sister West!

 The Next Day....

We headed to Provo, with a quick lunch at Rumbi Island Grill to share one last family meal for the next two years. The rest happened way too fast! A few photos near the Provo Temple grounds, and then, BAM! the host at the MTC curb was whisking Elder Dayton away. It was a sad and tear-filled goodbye, but also joyful. We know Elder Dayton is in the Lord's hands and is off to do great things!

Taylor with his sisters
Anna (l), Sarah (c), Amanda (r)
God Be With You Til We Meet Again!

We love you, Elder Dayton!

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